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June 23, 2010

Three new SBK Replicas from Aprilia

Schools are already finished, the summer started, but there will certainly be some fourteen or sixteen undecided what to do regarding his prize for wender. Aprilia couldn't have picked a better time to introduce their new 50cc and 125cc SBK Replicas. The italians offer four special edition motorcycles: SR 50 R SBK (€2680), SR 50 R Factory SBK (€2850), RS 50 Replica SBK (€3720) and RS 125 Replica SBK (€5500). Read the full article »

June 23, 2010

Confederate introduced an all-black version of the P120 Fighter

For those who don't know the Confederate Motor Company, it's a small american firm that builds high end machines in Alabama from 1991. One of their most interesting creature is the P120 Fighter. You think it isn't quite macho enough? Then the Black Flag is your motorcycle, the all-black version of the P120 Fighter. Read the full article »

June 21, 2010

New Vespa GTV Via Montenapoleone revealed

Vespa introduced his new limited edition GTV Via Montenapoleone scooter. The special edition motorcycle interprets the elements of style more tipical of the 50's. Apart from that, the Vespa has an ultra modern engine with electronic fuel injection and a monocoque body. The exclusive version draws its inspiration from the world of fashion and art, and its name "Via Montenapoleone" is a clear reference to the elegance that distinguishes Vespa. Read the full article »

June 21, 2010

New Kawasaki ZX-10R 2011 with teaser video

With the BMW S1000 RR the japanese manufacturers got a new, serious competitor in the superbike category so it's no news that Kawasaki will completely redesign its ZX-10R for 2011. The new bike will feature an all-new engine, chassis and suspension with a complete styling makeover. Rumours suggest the four-cylinder engine will be capable of 190 hp, so the bike will be insanely fast. Looks good on the video but the main question is: does it handle better than the 2010 version? Read the full article »

June 17, 2010

New BMW K1600LT comes with six-cylinder engine

BMW is testing the new K1600LT in the US. The motorcycle got the six-cylinder engine from the Concept 6, which produces 160-170 hp and 130 Nm. The motorcycle has an incredible low seat, a longer wheelbase than it’s predecessor, electrically adjustable screen and luxury equipment. Expect a production model to debut this october. Read the full article »

June 16, 2010

Old german motorcycle manufacturer Horex returns with new 1200cc six-cylinder concept

Horex was a very old german manufacturer in Bad Homburg. It was founded in 1923 and built 600cc and 800cc four-stroke motorcycles until 1960, when Daimler-benz overtook the company and production was terminated. After 50 years, Horex returns now with a six-cylinder, supercharged machine. Dubbed the VR6, the 1218 cc V6 has been under secret development for the last five years, by German engineer Clemens Neese and his business partner, Frank Fischer. Read the full article »

June 15, 2010

BMW launches K1300 GT Exclusive Edition

The bavarian motorcycle company announced today a special edition machine suitable for long distance rides across the country. The "Exclusive Edition" is specially equipped with a long list of official BMW optional extras. The GT comes standard with electronic suspension adjustment (ESA II), ABS, automatic stability control (ASC), tyre pressure monitor (RDC), heated grips and seat, a 49-litre top box along with the standard-fit panniers and comes in a special two-tone grey metallic paint scheme. Read the full article »

June 11, 2010

The CBR1000 RR and the R1 could get dual clutch transmission

It seems the japanese motorcycle companies could borrow the dual clutch transmission (DTC) technology from the automobile world for their next generation R1 and CBR1000 RR. Honda VFR1200 F already uses DTC, but the next step would be develop this technology on superbike models, where it would work slightly differently. But Honda is not the only japanese factory who is planning an electronically controlled gearbox for his sportbike, Yamaha is developing his own system, too. Read the full article »

June 10, 2010

Husqvarna announced new 150cc off-roader

Husqvarna is adding the all-new WR 150 two-stroke to its 2011 model line-up. The bike is based on the WR 125 enduro model which was updated for 2010. The swedish engineers expanded the engine capacity and redesigned the WR125’s chromoly trellis frame with stronger engine mounts and added reinforcement to support the larger engine. The riding geometry also gets a tweak, the company equipped the off-roader with 50mm Kayaba forks and a Sachs remote reservoir rear shock. Read the full article »

June 10, 2010

NCR Millona 16: 145 kg, 200 hp, carbon frame and Ducati engine

Since 1967, NCR has built very exclusive performance motorcycles. Their latest creation is the Millona 16 or simply the M16, one of the fastest production motorcycles ever built. To create this monster, NCR used only the lightest and strongest materials available. The unique frame and fuel tank, swingarm, faring and even the weels are all in carbon fiber. Read the full article »