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December 18, 2014

2015 Vespa GTS 300 ABS: the Queen of Vespas

The North American division of Vespa has just announced its 2015 300 GTS range. The largest and most powerful product of the manufacturer will be offered in three variants: the GTS 300, GTS 300 Super and GTS 300 Supersport. The three models are technically perfectly identical, but there are plenty of differences between them. Read the full article »

April 20, 2011

Volkswagen unveils electric scooter in Shanghai

German manufacturer Volkswagen surprised media at the Shanghai Motor Show by revealing an electric scooter. The E-Scooter is a lightweight electric two-wheeler that tips the scales at 44 pounds without its nickel-metal hybride battery. Power is provided by a 350-watt motor. The small 110-Volt battery endows the scooter with a modest 25 mile range and 30 mph of top speed. Read the full article »

April 19, 2011

2011 Aprilia Scarabeo 125/200

The 2011 Scarabeo 125 and 200 scooters have finally arrived. The bikes feature new electronic injection engines, new graphics and upgraded on-board computer. The Italian manufacturer refined the design, while the footrest is flat so the load capacity is increased. The windshield fastened to the steering head deflects the air flow beyond the rider, guaranteeing turbulence-free travel. Read the full article »

January 6, 2011

Uno III electric scooter unveiled

BPG Motors unveiled the newest generation of its Uno transforming scooter, the Uno III. The mini-motorcycle is small enough to fit in an elevator to bring up to an apartment and stable enough to handle Boston’s morning rush hour. The Uno now has three wheels. In Uno mode, the Uno is a unicycle that balances on a single pair of parallel wheels. At high speed, a middle wheel rolls forward and the outer wheels shift backwards transforming the Unicycle into a full streetbike. This system allows the Uno to be stable throughout the transition. Read the full article »

December 9, 2010

2011 Gilera Runner 50 Black Soul: racing soul with 50cc

For 2011, Italian brand Gilera has created a special edition version of its popular scooter, the Runner 50. This special series uses matt-finish black to enhance the fierce personality of the scooter and the same colour is used on other features such as the wheel rims and the passenger grab handles, whilst gold coloured finishes lend the scooter a supersport look: it has golden streamer graphics that decorate the saddle and fairing, the words Gilera and Runner in gold on the side panels, and gold coloured wheel rim borders. Read the full article »

December 9, 2010

New Piaggio Beverly 125 and 300: more style and increased mileage

After nearly a decade of history and success, Piaggio Beverly got a full revamp in style and technology earlier this year. The new Beverly boasts a stylish, unique look and offers safety and performance levels in line with the reputation of the scooter that has dominated the market during the first decade of the millennium. Available in the 125 and 300 cc engine capacity versions, the Beverly stands out for its top-of-the-class equipment and finish. Read the full article »

November 12, 2010

Honda updated the SH 300 maxi scooter for 2011

The Japanese brand updated its largest, 300cc SH scooter for the 2011 model year. The bike got new frame design, suspension, premium leather seat and 19” cast aluminium wheels, which gave the scooter better high-speed stability. The new model also features the brand’s combined ABS braking system and a long list of accessories such as colour-matched topbox, windscreen and heated grips. The engine didn’t change, though, the 279cc single-cylinder still delivers 27hp at 6000rpm. Read the full article »

November 3, 2010

2011 Vespa PX 125/150: handshift and kick start

Vespa introduced its 2011 lineup, including the refreshed PX 125, PX 150 and the GTV scooters. Its no surprise that Vespa maintains all of the classic strong points which determined the PX’s success for more than three decades: unmistakable style, functionality, sturdiness of a steel bodyshell, reliability. The PX got an all-new design, headlight and upholstery. The new hand grips in black rubber are elegantly branded with the Vespa logo. Read the full article »

November 2, 2010

BMW Concept C: the scooter of the future

Recent years have seen radical changes in the world of individual mobility, specifically in the conurbations, and the number of registrations has rocketed for virtually all individual transport concepts. However, the space available to traffic has not grown to the same extent, so individual mobility must come to terms with the new circumstances. Against this background, BMW Motorrad will be expanding its present motorcycle adventure world to include the big scooter. This new product segment will first give rise to two innovative premium scooters with internal combustion engines. Read the full article »

October 15, 2010

Piaggio released the 2011 Typhoon 50 and 125 scooters

The Piaggio Group presented the revised versions of its popular scooters, the Typhoon 50 and 125 at the Intermot 2010. Typhoon is a bit of flagship for the Italian brand and for 2011, and they are going to be even better for 2011. The 50cc and the 125cc versions will get more powerful engines, a revised design and flashy graphics. The smaller version has a 2-stroke engine which delivers a respectable 4.2hp at 6500rpm and 4.6Nm at 6000rpm. The 125cc version features a more advanced, Euro-3-compliant 4-stroke engine which priovides 9.6hp and 8.2Nm. Read the full article »