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When a biker wants to know everything about his bike, when he is stuck with a problem, when he wants to know about the next motorcycle he will buy or just wants to chat about his hobby, organize his trip, read how other bikers fared on the mountain passes he found on the map – well, then the biker feels generally very, very lost if he turns to the internet. The web is just too huge, and it is mostly filled with electronic noise to the brim. But there must be a site which works...

Well, there is one. Mbike.com, this is the name, better remember it.

There is nothing like this for bikers on the net. What about other sources? Magazines, books? Come on, that's 21th century stuff.

What is here?

Motorbike specs (more than 12 000 of them), high-res factory pictures (more than 35 000), a bikers' community site, bikers' own garages, user reports on bikes, self-organizing groups, photo galleries, a Google-based route planner in which milestones can be installed with pictures and text, to which diaries and blogs may also be linked with picture galleries. After the planning is ready, the route may also be downloaded to the user's GPS. And this is just the surface, because the site is so immense, it has so much stuff in it that you can easily get lost. If you really want to know more, please read the detailed description to get the feel of it.

There are sites out there which have specs. There are also tour planners, blogs, bikers' photo galleries. Many of them are fairly good at one thing, but not more. At mbike.com you get the full Monty. Even the subpages are exceptionally well detailed, all the functions are immensely intuitive and instantly usable. If you're a biker with an internet connection, you cannot get any further. And you have badly needed this site for so long. Anything you want to know, anything you like, anything you're interested in is here in one package.

There could be disgusting ways of putting this in words – "welcome to a new dimension", or "step into another world" -, but perhaps it is better to keep things simple and honest. We believe there is nothing like this on the internet. The site has been put together day and night by a dozen professional programmers who are also dedicated bikers. This is real 21st century. Every detail has been thought over and over, every need has been catered for.
It is safe to say: if you find anything like it, your money will be given back at the counter.

But you won't.

Come on, sign up for free here.

The Team

A big thanks for the steady hard work on programming, testing, and catering!

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    Suzuki GS500
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  • Mara Mara
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    Yamaha MT-01
  • Boti TbN
    Simson SR4-2/1
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