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August 27, 2015

Maintenance tip of the week: roadside inflation with Gear Gremlin

New from the Gear Gremlin range of motorcycle tools and accessories, the CO2 Canister Valve Adaptor makes light work of emergency tyre inflation. Compact and light, the Adaptor can be left under the seat or stowed in luggage and forgotten about until required. When it’s time for a top-up, just screw a Gear Gremlin CO2 canister into the bottom of the Adaptor and push onto the valve to release the gas and inflate the tyre. The Adaptor suits the Schrader valves found on most motorcycle and scooter tyres. Read the full article »

August 16, 2015

Knox All Sports textile motorcycle jacket

The multi-activity All Sports jacket from the Knox Studio Collection provides comfort, waterproofing, protection and style in one flexible garment. Providing for a seamless transition between life on and off the bike, the All Sports features the Studio Collection’s Dual Fit System: open up the underarm zips for a close and perfect fit over any Knox armoured shirt on the bike; remove the armoured layer, close the zip and the jacket is now ready to wear in everyday life and for other outdoor sports. Read the full article »

August 10, 2015

Demon Uno, the affordable immobiliser

Datatool have launched the Demon Uno Immobiliser, an affordable single circuit transponder immobiliser designed to add a secondary layer of security to motorcycles, scooters or quads without a standard fit immobiliser or alarm. Ideal for the 125cc, commuter or scooter market that commonly don’t have any form of OE security. The unit prevents the bike or scooter being started if the ignition is forced or hot-wired. Read the full article »

August 4, 2015

Keep a low profile with OptiMate

OptiMate have introduced a range of low profile, 90 degree DIN plug adapters that fit neatly into surface-mounted power sockets, providing a safe and secure way to power devices and accessories on the move. Many modern motorcycles, including touring & adventure sport bikes from BMW, Victory and Triumph, have 12v power sockets located close to rider or passenger seats, where any traditional straight 180° DIN adapter/cable that is plugged in would be vulnerable to being pulled out or even damaged through snagging and catching. Read the full article »

July 15, 2015

Sena 10C, the first Bluetooth helmet with built-in camera

Sena is ready to change the market of Bluetooth communicators and action cameras. The company has released the 10C, an all-in-one Bluetooth communicator and camera gadget. It brings Sena’s innovative Bluetooth devices and camera technology into one. Users can record their voice and audio while talking to other riders via intercom up to 1600 meters. Addiotional features include music sharing, radio tuner, iPhone and Android apps and upgradeable firmware. Read the full article »

July 13, 2015

Hornig makes the 2015 BMW S 1000 RR more comfortable

German accessory manufacturer Hornig revealed a range of accessories for BMW’s fastest bike. The aim was to make the supersport machine a bit more comfortable and practical. In order to achieve that, Hornig built a wide range of accessories, including a new windscreen, seat, protection pads, LED lights and turning signals, brake and clutch levers, rim stripes, exhaust. Even the license plate holder is new. Read the full article »

June 23, 2015

Usefool tools – Brakefix

Unless you live in Holland or another country where mountains only exist on photographs, you probably need Brakefix. It’s a little tool that secures the front brake on a motorcycle so that it helps to prevent the bike from rolling when parked. Brakefix is a simple and inexpensive little accessory that actually works. The jammer strap also helps to prevent costly mishaps when transporting your motorbike or raising it on a hoist. Read the full article »

May 30, 2015

Monitor you battery with the new OptiMate

Having problems with your battery? Today, we show you a useful tool from Belgian company OptiMate. OptiMate have designed a new dual function monitor, which displays the battery’s state of charge and will also provide active charging system monitoring, giving owners an immediate overview of the motorcycle’s electrical system. Read the full article »

March 5, 2015

K5, AGV’s most anticipated helmet of the 2015 collection, is now available

Made from carbon and glass fibres, the new AGV K-5 arrives on the market with clear intent of becoming the top helmet for sports and road use. Its optimum fit with 3D linings and the fanatical attention to detail such as the small spoilers that integrate perfectly with the overall shape of the shell, it can help reduce turbulence and improve the Cx (coefficient of aerodynamic penetration) the slim, aerodynamic chin guard also ensures that the AGV K5 is highly stable even at high speed. Read the full article »

February 9, 2015

Dainese presents 2015 jeans collection

Since they were first invented, jeans have undergone many changes. They started life as work clothes, went on to become stars of the prêt-à-porter catwalk and, more recently, became an essential wardrobe component for motorcyclists all over the world. In 2010 Dainese was the first company to make jeans a “technical” garment, and now the company has created an entire collection dedicated to denim—100% made in Italy. Read the full article »