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The most beautiful cafe racers of the year

The revival of cafe racers is fuelled by the world’s apparently insatiable appetite for nostalgia. They’re popular enough to make it into serial production but there are lots of shed-built specials or custom cafe racers, too. These light-weight, stylish motorcycles are highly popular in Europe, mostly in Italy and in France but you can often spot these machines on the roads of the UK or Spain. We collected a couple of cafe racers that are beautiful and - more importantly - you can buy right now. Continue reading »

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The rebirth of American board-track racing - in Europe

Vintage gear, rare antique Harleys and Indians with no brakes, invitation-only races, leather helmet for protection - this is board-track racing. This type of motorcycle racing had its golden age in the 1910s and 1920s in the U.S. but board tracks proliferated in part because they were inexpensive to construct. 70 years later, the sport experiences a revival in Europe - where this type of racing actually was born. Continue reading »

2015 Vespa GTS 300 ABS: the Queen of Vespas

The North American division of Vespa has just announced its 2015 300 GTS range. The largest and most powerful product of the manufacturer will be offered in three variants: the GTS 300, GTS 300 Super and GTS 300 Supersport. The three models are technically perfectly identical, but there are plenty of differences between them. Continue reading »