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New Akrapovič exhaust products for your Yamaha

Following on from the successful launch of the Yamaha-Akrapovič partnership in 2011, the range of raceproven exhaust products featuring unique Yamaha model-specific logos, has now expanded to include competition silencers and full race systems for selected road and off-road machines in the Yamaha range. Designed specifically for race use only, Akrapovič Racing systems are developed to fully exploit the racing potential of Yamaha models like the YZF-R1 and YZ450F, further improving their race winning potential. more »

1938 BMW R71 BMW R71
BMWR71 Air cooled, 746cc, Boxer, OHV
2007 Dolmar Dolmette Dolmar Dolmette
DolmarDolmette 1900cc, 24, 2-stroke, Piston controlled inlet port
1995 Ferrari 900 Ferrari 900
Ferrari900 Air cooled, 900cc, Inline-4
2014 Husaberg TE 250 Husaberg TE 250
HusabergTE 250 Water cooled, 249cc, INLINE1, 2-stroke, Reed valve with power valve
2014 Husaberg TE 300 Husaberg TE 300
HusabergTE 300 Water cooled, 293cc, INLINE1, 2-stroke, Reed valve with power valve
2014 Husaberg FE 350 Husaberg FE 350
HusabergFE 350 Water cooled, 349cc, INLINE1, SOHC
2014 Husaberg FE 250 Husaberg FE 250
HusabergFE 250 Water cooled, 249cc, INLINE1, SOHC

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Amman-DeadSea 1, 4-5 hour trip

105 miles, 1 day, 697 views

Dead sea, mount nebo, mosaic, more »

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Video: Julien Dupont rides Favela in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro's Vidigal community is known for having one of the most amazing views in the entire city. However this week, they got a glimpse of something completely different: French moto trial athlete Julien Dupont riding and jumping over the walls and alleys in an unprecedented two-wheel challenge inside the community. more »

2012 Yamaha YZF-R1

Yamaha introduced the 2012 model year YZF-R1, which has a seven-level Traction Control System, new ECU and new headlight cowl designed to be sharper, more modern, and more aggressive. In addition to the ECU changes and new traction control system, which combine to achieve a new level of drivability, the R1 features muffler covers and muffler end tips plus a MotoGP inspired lightweight top triple clamp. more »