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June 24, 2015

Custom Harley-Davidson Street 750 „Revolution X” from Cyprus

This custom Street 750 is participating in the final of the Battle of Kings competition. The bike was built by Harley-Davidson Centre Cyprus and it is an aggressive, streetfighter-styled custom bike with a more muscular look. The Revolution X has racing wheels, new headlights, a shorter seat cowl and racing muffler. The result is a cool streetfighter with a very aggressive attitude. Read the full article »

June 11, 2015

Marlon Brando’s Harley-Davidson 1969 Electra Glide goes under the hammer

The famous actor’s original 1969 Electra Glide will be auctioned on June 27 at Julien’s. The bike comes with original papers that prove the change of ownership – Brando bought the bike on April 8, 1970. Unfortunately, there’s no official statement on the condition of the Electra Glide, but it has 13,859 miles (22,299 km) on it and it is expected to bring $400K. Read the full article »

June 2, 2015

TE Connectivity 3D-prints a functioning Harley-Davidson Softail

A fully-functioning 3D printed Harley-Davidson Softail has been reveiled at the Californian technology fair RAPID in Long Beach. The bike demonstates the ability to design a motorcycle on a computer, print it in plastic, add tires and an engine, then take it for a spin around the block. The plastic machine is claimed to be capable of supporting two adults - the concept is nothing short of exciting. Read the full article »

July 1, 2011

New Harley-Davidson Touring, Trike and Sportster models arrive at dealerships

Harley-Davidson has begun delivery of all 15 models in the 2012 Touring, Trike (North America only) and Sportster lines to its dealers in the U.S. and Europe. These motorcycles will be available for sale immediately. Shipment of these select 2012 models has been accelerated to provide greater continuity of supply in dealerships during the peak summer selling season. Additional 2012 models will be announced on July 20 at the Harley-Davidson summer dealer meeting in Anaheim, California. Read the full article »

April 21, 2011

Harley-Davidson 2011 Q1 sales up 11%, earnings up 350%

Harley-Davidson, Inc. generated increased earnings and worldwide dealer new motorcycle sales grew for the first quarter of 2011. The company reported first quarter income from continuing operations of $119.3 million, or $0.51 per share, compared to income from continuing operations of $68.7 million, or $0.29 per share in the year-ago period. Worldwide retail sales of new Harley-Davidson motorcycles grew 3.5 percent in the first quarter, compared to last year’s first quarter. Read the full article »

April 20, 2011

Bespoke Harley-Davidson ‘Unorthodox’ By Warr’s Of London

London based custom Harley-Davidson designer Charlie Stockwell of Warr's Harley-Davidson,Europe's oldest Harley dealership, introduces his latest creation 'Unorthodox'. It's a striking distance from the designs we areused to from Stockwell and Warr's H-D. Best known for his award winning andtrend setting vintage designs, no-one was expecting such a bike to be wheeledout of the Warr's workshop on the King's Road in the heart of Chelsea. Read the full article »

April 15, 2011

Harley-Davidson branded license plates in Wisconsin

Wisconsin motorists have a new opportunity to support motorcycle safety initiatives throughout the state. Harley-Davidson Motor Company today announced it is partnering with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to offer the first-ever Harley-Davidson branded automotive license plate to motorists in Wisconsin. This plate will be available for automobiles, light trucks and motor homes. The Harley-Davidson/Share the Road plate officially launches on Wednesday, April 13. Read the full article »

January 26, 2011

Harley reports 2010 results: sales are down, but income is up

Harley-Davidson Inc. reporded $259.7 million in income in 2010, up from $70.6 million in 2009 thanks to improved results from the company’s financial services division. Operating income from motorcycles and related products was $378.8 million for the full year, including an operating loss of $6.8 million in the fourth quarter. Retail sales of new Harley-Davidson motorcycles in the fourth quarter were nearly level with the year-ago period, decreasing 1.0 percent worldwide and 0.2 percent in the U.S. Read the full article »

January 4, 2011

Video: Harley-Davidson H-D1 customization program announced

Harley-Davidson announced a new customization program for 2011. With the H-D1 program Harley is targeting customers that like to stand out from the crowd. The program starts 4th February, but the manufacturer already released a teaser video. Customers will be able to design their custom motorcycles through Harley’s special website, and when they need help, customization experts will be available to help advise on customization ideas. Read the full article »

December 7, 2010

Harley loaned $2.3 billion from Fed

Federal Reserve’s recently revealed documents disclose who benefited from a government loan program during 2008. The data shows that Federal Reserve secretly loaned trillions of dollars to major companies including Harley-Davidson. The motorcycle manufacturer got $2.3 billion to help cover operating expenses during the economic crisis. Bloomberg says the money was from the Fed’s Commercial Paper Funding Facility, which also dispersed money to General Electric, Verizon, Barclay’s and McDonalds. Read the full article »