What is Mbike.com?

Mbike.com – almost certainly the best motorcycle catalogue, encyclopedia, community and tour planner webservice in the world.

On Mbike.com you can get every information about your bike (we have more than 12 000 specification sheets), you can take it in your garage, share all the experiences with the other bikers. You can plan tours – even by uploading your GPS logs – catch up with your friends and found your very own gang or join groups, browse motorcycle events and add your owns.

  • Specifications

    We have more than 12 000 motorcycle specifications with full particulars and pictures.

  • Garage

    Take whichever bike you would like in your garage, show us how does your own look like, write down all the changes you have made on it.

  • Photos

    Share your photos, mark where did you make it and what kind of bike can be seen on the photo, attach it to a tour, an event or your gang.

  • Tours

    Plan a tour with the help of our thundering tour planner where you can take the trips of other bikers as a basis and you can also put up your previous tours by uploading GPS logs.

  • Friends

    Meet and keep in touch with the other users, follow their activities. You can have contacts besides your friends.

  • Groups/Gangs

    Set up a totally private gang and invite your friends to join or start a public group where anyone can join.

  • Events

    Biker events from all around the world. Don’t you know where to roll on the weekend? Give us the city and we can offer a program near at hand.

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