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September 9, 2010

KTM: designed for off-road

The DDB&Co Istanbul agency came up with this ad, not requiring any words. The ad suggests you’ll be spending so much time in the air on a KTM that, in order to remain effective, your license plate should be mounted on the sump. They even made it an Austrian plate. Simple, immediate and a clever brand message. Read the full article »

August 27, 2010

Harley-Davidson Warboy 883 XWL – A Sportster in WL clothing

Harley produced the original WLA model for the U.S. Army during and around World War II. It was based on a civilian model, the WL, but the paint scheme, the accessories and the solo seat gave the WLA model a unique look. A French motorcycle fan restaured now a vintage military Harley – but there’s a catch. This isn’t a restaured bike, it’s actually a modern 883 wrapped in WL bodywork. Read the full article »

August 17, 2010

Video: The worst enemy – super intelligent speed camera from Switzerland

A Swiss company called Multanova may very well become the worst enemy of all speed limit offenders in Europe. The company has revealed its new Traffistar SR590 super speed camera that can monitor over 20 vehicles' individual speeds in live time and record their photos with a state-of-the-art camera. And that’s not everything. Read the full article »

August 12, 2010

Veon wins World Championship of Custom Bike Building

You love cruisers but from time to time you want more speed and you can’t afford two motorcycles? Fred Krugger found a pretty exciting solution for this problem. He built a motorcycle that morphs from cruiser to racer at the push of a button. His creation, the V-Rod powered Veon won the 2010 World Championship […] Read the full article »

August 4, 2010

Video: RSD Project: 200mph Victory Motorcycle

The Victory Project 200 is the latest work of California-based Roland Sands Design. From the title it is clear that the basis of the custom bike is a Victory cruiser, and the number 200 indicates the maximum speed of the motorcycle. And not in kilometers. Hit the jump for the video. Read the full article »

August 4, 2010

Video: Sak Art Design Electric Superbike

More and more companys plan to manufacture electric cars and motorcycles, although most of them are only concept. The newest one comes from italian design firm Sak Art, which has close connection with Ducati. They have come up with an electric Superbike concept, called SBIK_E. Hit the jump for the video. Read the full article »

August 2, 2010

Video: Buell 1190RR road bike return?

Harley-Davidson announced last october that Buell motorcycles will be discontinued. But the fans of Buell never loose hope, and there are new pictures and a video of a Buell street bike. What we can see on the images, is a Buell 1190RR race bike with turn signals and radiator fans, just the sort of thing you might see on a street bike. Legally, Erik Buell should soon be free of the contractual shackles preventing him from talking about or competing with Harley-Davidson. So, stay tuned. Read the full article »

July 30, 2010

North Korean motorcycle company available for export

You want a cheap motorcycle? Usually, you think about chinese, indian or brazil manufacturers, but now, there's a fourth option. North Korean motorcycles are now available for export, but there's not much official information about the models. According to the spec-sheet at least half of them are 125cc single-cylinder 5-strokes - a technology unavailable in corrupt imperialist nations. Read the full article »

July 27, 2010

Video: Vladimir Putin rides a Harley trike at Sevastopol Motorcycle Festival

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin leaped on a Harley-Davidson trike at international motorcycle festival in southern Ukraine. In sunglasses, black jeans and black fingerless gloves, Putin told the 5000-strong crowd: "Long live Russia, long live Ukraine, long live the bike." He described motorcycles as "the most democratic form of transport". Read the full article »

July 27, 2010

Daft Punk helmet: style for individualists

French electronic duo Daft Punk has a true cult following, particularly from young house fans. Designer Volpin Props made a special helmet inspired by their music. The futuristic helmet required almost 17 months to build and the result is beyond just being amazing. Hit the jump for two videos (one of the 17-month build packed into 3-minutes, and another of the complete helmet). Read the full article »