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June 5, 2010

The Ducati Story is now available on DVD

The italians presented their amazing history in a stunning movie on DVD. The movie will be premiered at the 2010 World Ducati Week at Misano 10-13 June, but it's already available at the Misano World Circuit, the Ducati Museum bookshop and Factory Store. People in the US don't have to wait, too, because the movie can also be ordered online in Ducati Stores soon. In the meantime, here's the trailer of the DVD. Read the full article »

June 4, 2010

Hexagon Harley – Six is the magic number

There are custom bikes and then there are amazing custom bikes. The Hexagon Harley fits in the second category from obvious reasons. The bike was built by Horst Dzhangmen during three long years. Everything but the engine and the frame has been cut and built into perfectly shaped hexagons and this exceptional work took its creator three years of hard work to achieve this perfection. Read the full article »

June 3, 2010

Dual clutch Honda Fireblade in the pipeline

Honda was the very first motorcycle factory which offered dual clutch transmission. The fast transmission, which adds nearly 10% to the price of the standard $16 000 dollar bike, was introduced in the VFR1200 F. But designing a revolutionary new transmission isn't cheap, so Honda wants to spread the system across its range. To do that, they need to revise it so it can fit is smaller models, like the Fireblade. Another key element is the simplifying the electronics and sensors, reaching the same effect as the VFR's, but with reduced costs. Honda Japan has filed patents that shows this simplified system. The new design eliminates one expensive potentiometer used on the VFR. If they succeed, the dual-clutch Fireblade could appear in two years. Read the full article »

June 1, 2010

Video: Revolutionary motorcycle jacket with airbag from Brembo

Brembo have created a new motorcycle jacket which contains airbag. The italians recommend the jacket for daily use by commuters and mainly for those who also want to appear fashionable and stylish. Called the Life Jacket, this special clothing features an airbag system that deploys in 80 milliseconds when the rider is suddenly separated from his/her motorcycle. Read the full article »

May 28, 2010

Suzuki Gladius brings a Supermoto feel

Suzuki introduced the 650 cc Gladius, a very good starters bike back in 2009. The guys at canadian firm GPDesigns thought, the SFV650 Gladius is not exciting enough, so they made a Supermoto version, which looks very sporty and agressive. Read the full article »

May 28, 2010

Video: This is how the Suzuki GSX-R1000 is born

Suzuki posted a video showing how today‚Äôs GSX-R1000 is born at the Hamamatsu plant in Japan. The attached video takes us through the most important fabrication processes. Read the full article »

May 28, 2010

Video: 85-foot world record front-flip

Jackson Strong, a young australian stunt has set a new world record by succesfully landing an 85-foot frontflip. Strong jumped in front of a 6000-strong crowd in Cairns, Australia. Read the full article »

May 26, 2010

Motorcycle soccer – a game of two halves and two wheels

Motorcycle soccer - one of the weirdest sports on this planet. These guys in Bhopal, India love their bikes and soccer and combined the two activities. Read the full article »

May 25, 2010

Nostalgia: Freddie “fast” Spencer explains motorcycling racing

Nostalgia: Two times 500cc world champion Freddie "fast" Spencer gets into the technical aspects of motorcycle racing in the three-part documentary from the eighties. Read the full article »