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September 29, 2010

10+ most amazing Yamaha motorcycle wallpapers

Here are some of the greatest Yamaha photos you can find on Mbike. These are my favorites and I hope you will enjoy using them as your wallpaper. Fantastic shot, where the bike looks bigger: 2007 Yamaha TZR 50 A wallpaper where Yamaha hired a Photoshop expert. Look that amazing sky: 2010 Yamaha XT 1200 […] Read the full article »

September 28, 2010

Judge throws out wiretapping charges against speeding biker who filmed his arrest

Anthony Graber who was driving his motorcycle at high speeds has had his felony wiretapping charges dropped. Graber was facing 16 years in prison for uploading a video of the entire incident to Youtube. This video shows an uncover Maryland State Police officer jumping out of an unmarked car with a gun in his hand, ordering Graber off his motorcycle. The officer did not identify himself as an officer for several long. Graber thought he was about to become a victim of a carjacking. Read the full article »

September 24, 2010

Video: BMW S1000 RR vs. Nissan GT-R

After seeing the Agni Z2 and the Citroen Survolt take to the track, here’s another bikes vs. cars comparison video. The BMW S1000 RR is without doubt one of the biggest hit in the supersport category in 2010, while the GT-R even managed to compete on equal terms with Porsche of late. We already know how well the Bimmer against its Japanese and Italian two-wheeler rivals performs, but what about cars? The guys at Bike Channel thought the Nissan GT-R could be a proper rival at Brands Hatch race track. Who do you think came out top? Read the full article »

September 22, 2010

Video: World’s first all-electric car and bike duell: Citroen Survolt vs. Agni Z2

Electric racecar faced electric superbike for the very first time as Citroën’s striking Survolt concept and an Agni Z2 went head-to-head at Thruxton race circuit. In the capable hands of two professional female racers – Vanina Ickx and Jenny Tinmouth – car and bike battled it out to test speed, agility and performance in the all-electric shoot-out of four wheels against two. Piloting Survolt was Vanina Ickx – Le Mans Series and Touring Car racing driver and daughter of Formula One driver, Jacky Ickx. Riding the Agni Z2 was Jenny Tinmouth, the fastest woman around the Isle of Man TT course and championship leader in the 2010 TTXGP. Read the full article »

September 21, 2010

Video: Xerox with Ducati motorcycle TV ad

Although Ducati quits SBK at the end of the season, and this will presumably be the end of Xerox title sponsorship of a factory race team, the american company, whose name is synonymous with photocopying, would like to capitalize on this relationship while it can. The result is a semi-engaging ad, in which Xerox shows that Ducati have chosen Xerox for their business needs. In addition to this ad, Xerox also paid to promote the company it sponsors in this „case study” webisode. Hit the jump for the second video. Read the full article »

September 16, 2010

Video: Lucy Pinder washes a Yamaha R1

Bennetts is UK’s No. 1 bike insurance company based on the latest Brand Tracking research in June 2010. The company thought it would be nice if they came up with something special for their 80th Birthday. The result is a video which shows celeb models Lucy Pinder, Charlotte Toon and Stephanie Hall cleaning a Yamaha R1. Read the full article »

September 16, 2010

Video: Erik Buell Racing street-legal 1190RS

Erik Buell Racing continues to release information about its new 1190RS street bike. This new video, which is the first in a multiple-part series, gives us only a quick glimpse of the V-Twin superbike. Although details are scare, we do know that the bike is based on the 1190RR race bike, which was originally based in-turn off the now defunct Buell Barracuda 2. Former owner of Buell Harley-Davidson closed down Buell before the Barracuda 2 could make it into production. We’re expecting more videos to come. Read the full article »

September 9, 2010

KTM: designed for off-road

The DDB&Co Istanbul agency came up with this ad, not requiring any words. The ad suggests you’ll be spending so much time in the air on a KTM that, in order to remain effective, your license plate should be mounted on the sump. They even made it an Austrian plate. Simple, immediate and a clever brand message. Read the full article »

August 27, 2010

Harley-Davidson Warboy 883 XWL – A Sportster in WL clothing

Harley produced the original WLA model for the U.S. Army during and around World War II. It was based on a civilian model, the WL, but the paint scheme, the accessories and the solo seat gave the WLA model a unique look. A French motorcycle fan restaured now a vintage military Harley – but there’s a catch. This isn’t a restaured bike, it’s actually a modern 883 wrapped in WL bodywork. Read the full article »

August 17, 2010

Video: The worst enemy – super intelligent speed camera from Switzerland

A Swiss company called Multanova may very well become the worst enemy of all speed limit offenders in Europe. The company has revealed its new Traffistar SR590 super speed camera that can monitor over 20 vehicles' individual speeds in live time and record their photos with a state-of-the-art camera. And that’s not everything. Read the full article »