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July 27, 2010

Video: Vladimir Putin rides a Harley trike at Sevastopol Motorcycle Festival

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin leaped on a Harley-Davidson trike at international motorcycle festival in southern Ukraine. In sunglasses, black jeans and black fingerless gloves, Putin told the 5000-strong crowd: "Long live Russia, long live Ukraine, long live the bike." He described motorcycles as "the most democratic form of transport". Read the full article »

July 27, 2010

Daft Punk helmet: style for individualists

French electronic duo Daft Punk has a true cult following, particularly from young house fans. Designer Volpin Props made a special helmet inspired by their music. The futuristic helmet required almost 17 months to build and the result is beyond just being amazing. Hit the jump for two videos (one of the 17-month build packed into 3-minutes, and another of the complete helmet). Read the full article »

July 21, 2010

Swarovski covered 1961 Vespa

From time to time you can find ackward-looking gold-, or chrome-finished sports cars on the internet - most of them are owned by arabic sheiks. But the latest work of German firm Stomerichworld is even more unusual than a chrome-finished Lamborghini in the desert. They covered a vintage 1961 Vespa with Swarovski chrystals for a cost of €249 000. The Vespa is now useless as a motorcycle but you can rent it from Stonerichworld for promotional events. Read the full article »

July 14, 2010

Video: Awesome indian ad for Bajaj Pulsar

While Bajaj is primarily known for its line of retro-style scooters in America and Europe, Bajaj is a major player in their home country, which is by the way the second largest motorcycle market behind China. Their flagship model, the 200cc, 18hp Pulsar is a respected motorcycle in the asian country, and we can see with our own eyes now how professional ads the indian companies can make. Excellent videography, professional stunt riding and well planned choreography. Read the full article »

July 13, 2010

Video: Honda Fireblade is a work of art

British artist Kyle Bean shows in it's latest creation that matter cannot be created or destroyed, but only transformed. The two Honda Fireblades, one complete, one other dismantled in a showcase in Selfridges, London is part of his Conversation of Mass series. The two blades are set up to balance at either end of a set of scales. The artist Kyle Bean, wanted to use something minimalistic but with presence, completely out of context, stylish and compact. Read the full article »

July 9, 2010

Video: 2011 Dakar official promo

The 2011 Dakar race will take place again in Argentina and Chile. Registrations opened on May 15th and the race starts on January 2nd and finish on the 8th. "After two editions in South America, the Dakar continues its exploration in 2011 of a continent which has impressive potential for new discovery. Heading towards the north of Argentina and Chile, the route skims the frontiers of neighbouring countries and takes competitors through ever more varied country. It’s a cascade of colour." - stands in the official statement. Read the full article »

July 6, 2010

Video: BMW GS celebrates 30th Anniversary

In September 1980, BMW introduced a new breed of motorcycle, one that started a new era. This was the R 80 G/S, a machine that could offer both on-, and off-road practicability. In this moment a new category was born: the touring-enduro. The GS line won BMW four Dakar-titles, and the model is today the top-selling motorcycle in its class in Europe. The manufacturer celebrates the model on the BMW Motorrad Days event, and they released a new video which resumes three decades of GS history. Read the full article »

July 5, 2010

Video: This is how a real american V4 motorcycle engine sounds

Motus is a young american motorcycle manufacturer, their first model will be the MST-01. At the center of the comfortable sports tourer is a direct-injection V4 engine, which slowly comes to life. Now feast your ears, this is how the V4 revs like crazy on the dyno. Read the full article »

July 3, 2010

Video: BMW introduced world’s first adaptive headlights for motorcycles for K1600 GT and GTL

The new BMW K1600 GT ang GTL will feature a nice long list of innovative technologies, one of them is the world's first adaptive headlight for motorcycles. The xenon headlamp will be standard on both bikes, while the adaptive system costs extra. The new touring machines will have their world premiere this fall. Read the full article »

July 2, 2010

Video: Backflip over flying Kamaz

Alexey Kolesnikov performed a backflip over a Kamaz. You'll probably saying what's so unusual about this trick, it’s been done thousands of times. The trick is that the 8.5 ton Kamaz was driven by six times Dakar-champion Vladimir Chagin, and the truck jumped simultanously with the motorcycle. The Kamaz sailed 28 feet through the air, while the motorcycle travelled 69 feet. Read the full article »