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January 4, 2011

Pirelli ad says burnout is mindless. Is it?

Italian firm Pirelli and ad company Y & R Milan wants you to know that burnout is mindless and it’s hazardous to your health. The three ads take inspiration from the warning labels of tobacco products. The three slogans include „Smoking can cause circulation problems”, „Smoking is highly addictive, don’t start”, and „Protect chicks: don’t make them breath your smoke”. Although the ads have excellent photography and clever word play, it’s interesting that a tire company encourages the destruction of its own product for no reason other than for you to go replace it with more. Read the full article »

January 3, 2011

Video: Riders are small, but they aren’t bugs

This video is a bit old but still funny. Norwegian Motorcycle Union (Norsk Motorcykkel Union) says 8 of 10 collisions are caused by drivers that never see the motorcycle. On the video, riders look like bugs on windshields, and the drivers don’t know how to get rid of them. Scandinavian strange sense of humor. But it definitely works. Good scenario, and the comedy get the point: be careful at motorcycle! Read the full article »

December 29, 2010

Edda Design Buell 1125-CR

Spanish design firm Edda Design bought a Buell 1125 CR street bike just before the American manufacturer closed its doors in 2009, and the company presented the result today. The guys at the firm wanted to give the bike a fresh look, it was essential to them to „keep the "Buell spirit" intact. Buell users are very loyal to the brand and deeply connected to it on an emotional level, so in order to take it one step forward, to give them a new Buell experience, we had to get to know them very well.” Read the full article »

December 29, 2010

Ride your Honda CBR250R on a virtual tour

Honda has updated its CBR250R site with Touringlobe, an entertaining animated online tour of the world. Ride your CBR250R, customize your rider and colors, chat with other online riders, and collect medals. Honda’s new 250cc sportsbike is powered by a 250cc 4-valve single cylinder engine delivering 26 hp and 23 Nm of torque. The biggest competitor of the Kawasaki Ninja 250 costs $3,999 in the U.S. The bike hits showrooms by Spring 2011. Read the full article »

December 28, 2010

MRI Thumper trike built around a Harley Road Glide

What you can see here, is a very special trike made by Matt Ripley from MRI Customs. He spent 2,500 hours to build this custom trike around a 2006 Harley-Davidson Road Glide trike. The trike participated in the 2010 AMD World Championship in the Freestyle category. It features 2 TV’s, 2 amps and 2 cameras, with over 50 meters of fiberglas being streched to create this trike’s custom body. Read the full article »

December 27, 2010

Video: BMW Bike vs. BMW Bob Stunt

If you are familiar with Chris Pfeiffer’s work, you know that the professional stunt rider has definitely no fear. In this latest video, the guy is running head to head with Olympic Gold Medal Bobsleder Christoph Langen in Innsbruck, Austria. In the video, Langen started at the top of the run and Pfeiffer at the bottom on his BMW G450X. Timing was critical, Pfeiffer and Langen ran each other passing side by side on one turn. Read the full article »

December 27, 2010

Porsche tribute bike by Custom Wolf

If someone wants to tell a story, he writes a book, stands on a podium and begins to read it. German company Custom Wolf decided to tell the story of legendary carmaker Porsche in an unusual way. They built a Porsche tribute bike which reflects the sportiness and exclusivity of the brand. The custom machine is powered by a 113 cui engine from S&S with gold plates screws which is mated with a Harley gearbox. The sound comes from revised LA Chopper’s exhausts. Read the full article »

December 23, 2010

Video: KTM Strider pedal-free bike introduced

KTM North America and Strider Sports International announced a licensing agreement for the introduction of the KTM Strider PREbike The KTM Strider PREbikeis a revolutionary pedal-free bike that enables toddlers as young as 18 months to learn how to ride and balance on two wheels. Most important, Strider teaches the skills needed to safely and easily transition to riding both a pedal bike and a Sportminicycle, making the first experience on each much more successful and positive. Read the full article »

December 22, 2010

Video: 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R on the racetrack

The completely redesigned ZX-10R is one of the most anticipated superbikes of 2011, and with it's new engine, the bike is faster and lighter than the Japanese competition. Kawasaki had some issues with the new engine, so they put the bike on technical hold, but despite this, the 2011 ZX-10R topped the 651-1000cc sales in many countries in November. In this video, we can see the bike on the racetrack. We don’t have to say anything, just listen to that noise. Read the full article »

December 20, 2010

Video: World Record Snowmobile Jump

Levi LaVallee jumped an incredible 361 (110 m) feet while preparing for his Red Bull New Year No Limits world record snowmobile distance jump in San Diego. Unfortunately, Levi was injured shortly thereafter and as a result, the December 31 event has been canceled. But as the 361-foot jump eclipsed the existing record by 60 feet, it will be submitted for world record certification. Levi expects to make a full recovery. Read the full article »