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Victory’s range of touring, bagger and cruiser models already lend themselves for riding afar, but there are official accessories engineered by the brand to make long trips even more comfortable. We’ve picked out a few accessories that can make the difference between arriving at your destination feeling elated or completely deflated.

Victory Cross Country with the 'Passenger Rack Bag' fitted

Victory Cross Country with the ‘Passenger Rack Bag’ fitted


Owners of a Cross Country Tour, Cross Country and Magnum can fit the ‘Premium Tour Windscreen’ to give better protection from windblast.

Add on Hard Lowers to protect the legs and you eliminate a lot of the buffeting that makes riding so tiring. Each lower has a vent on the front that can be adjusted as you ride to deflect the air as required. The lowers also have a one-gallon capacity per side and a lid that can be reached easily from the saddle.

Windscreen for the Vision

Windscreen for the Vision

Vision owners can fit the ‘Tall Windscreen’ that gives a further 5cm (2”) over the standard screen.

See this Victory Motorcycles Trunk Carpet – Victory Vision

Cruiser owners can fit a ‘Lock & Ride Windscreen’. You simply screw on a Windscreen Bracket first (buy separately) and then you can decide, depending on the conditions, whether you clip the Lock & Ride windscreen on or not.

Highway Bars can also be fitted to cruiser models and then covered with Soft Lowers to ward off the wind, rain and road debris, to protect the legs.


Victory’s touring and bagger models can already lug large loads, but there are other storage accessories to boost carrying capacity.

The simplest way for Cross Country Tour, Cross Country and Magnum owners to carry more is to add the Cross Bike Saddle Duffel Bags. These are made of high-denier nylon, store flat when not in use, and simply attach to rails mounted on the existing hard saddlebags (the rails are an additional cost).

Passenger rack bag

Passenger rack bag

If extra saddlebags don’t cut it then maybe the Cross Bike Lock & Ride Trunk will. This doubles up as a passenger backrest (it’s padded) and even has audio speakers so music can be played through it. To give an idea of its size, it’s roomy enough to hold two full-face helmets with room to spare. There is also a Trunk Liner for it and this has a zipper closure so it can be carried back and forth from the hotel room (or tent) to the bike.

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Victory Motorcycles Victory Cross Country Bar Mount – pt# 2877367

If a trunk on the back feels like overkill, then the Passenger Rack Bag is a great compromise between extra storage and size. It’s made of weatherproof fabric, has a hard base and can strap on to any of the official Victory luggage racks.

Vision owners already have lots of storage but to squeeze that little bit more on they can add the Touring Rack Bag. This is made of leather and mounts on a chrome rack on top of the Vision’s existing trunk. The bag also has its own shoulder strap for carrying to and from the bike.

Vision owners that ride alone can also add an easy 18-gallons of extra storage directly behind them with the Ultimate Solo Touring Bag. This clips on with a quick release buckle in the passenger’s seat and has a top opening zip for convenience. Best of all there are side mesh pouches and a bungee net so riders can reach behind and grab items they need as they go along.

Cross bike saddle duffel bags with cover

Cross bike saddle duffel bags with cover

Finally, Cruiser owners have a number of options to fit saddlebags or luggage racks, all depending on the model.

Universal to every cruiser is the Leather Tool Roll that mounts on the front fork. There’s also a neat little Windscreen Bag that lives on the inside of the windscreen and is ideal for storing a wallet, glasses and phone.


Cross Country Tour, Cross Country and Magnum owners can build their own audio system by fitting Extreme Saddlebag Audio Lids and then decide on the type of speakers and trim they want as well as the amplifier.

Cross Country Tour and Cross Country owners have the option of fitting an Extreme 6 Speaker Audio Kit.

See this Chrome Super Loud Single Electric Blast Tone Horn For Motorcycle Chopper 12V for Victory Cross Country

Other options are to fit Hard Lowers with an iPod Kit and add speakers to the tops of the saddlebags or listen to music through a Victory-branded Sena Bluetooth Headset that also lets you talk to your passenger and hear turn-by-turn instructions from the GPS.

Cup holder

Cup holder


Ride along with a tea or coffee close to hand buy fitting the Cup Holder. This clips on to either the clutch or brake switch housings. Add a second one so your passenger can stay awake on those long rides too.

Cruise Control frees up brainpower to enjoy the views as well as easing off the strain on hands and arms to keep the throttle twisted. The unit is a row of three switches (ON/OFF, RES/ACC and SET/DEC) and mounts near the right hand grip.

Getting a little heavy with all that extra touring kit and a passenger on-board? You might need to fit a Reverse Kit. The kit adds an electric motor so you can reverse, making the start and end of a day’s riding that bit easier.

Accessory Power Sockets (12V) can be added at various points on the bike; as single or dual outlets or mounted in the hard lowers. The cruisers in Victory’s range need to have a Case Mount 12V power socket. This on-board power source is pretty much hidden in the engine compartment. A Handlebar Mounted 12V Power Bar can also be fitted.

Hard lowers

Hard lowers

Those planning to put in some quiet miles at night might want to swap their standard headlight for a Beacon LED headlight. This is a new product this year and gives a high-intensity beam that requires no extra amperage over the stock headlight. There is also a HID headlight (High Intensity Discharge) that’s four times brighter than the standard halogen one. Auxiliary lights (made by PIAA) can also be added on to the forks to give a burst of light right underneath the front wheel, just where you need it most.

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