Posted by Andrew on August 3, 2010

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Victory Motorcycles has introduced its 2011 model lineup, all of which now featue significant engine and transmission upgrades. The biggest news is that Victory drops the smaller displacement motor, so every 2011 model comes with the huge 106 cubic inch V-twin. Additional changes iclude new paint schemes as well as two new designs in the Ness Signature series.

2011 Arlen Ness Signature Vision

2011 Arlen Ness Signature Vision

The highlight of the 2011 lineup is the 106 cubic inch V-twin motor that comes in two tuning configurations: a Stage One for the touring bikes, and the Stage Two package for all the cruisers. The Stage One produces 92hp and 109 ft/lbs of torque. This engine is found in the Vision Tourer, Cross Country, Cross Roads, the Cory Ness Signature Cross Country and the Arlen Ness Signature Vision Tourer. The Stage Two puts out 97 hp and 113 ft/lbs of torque. The Vegas Jackpot, Hammer, Hammer S, Vegas, Kingpin, all of the 8-Ball models and the Zach Ness Signature Vegas 8-Ball each get the Stage Two Freedom 106 engine for 2011. The other big news is the redesigned transmission, which is featured in every single model. The company says that it will reduce driveline lash by 66 percent, decreased gear whine, and improved operating sound. One another significant change is, that ABS is now standard on the Victory Vision Tourer and Arlen Ness Signature Vision.

2011 Victory Vegas 8-Ball

2011 Victory Vegas 8-Ball

2011 Victory Vision Arlen Ness Specifications and Photos

2011 Victory Vegas 8-Ball Specifications and Photos

2011 Victory Vegas 8-Ball Zach Ness Signature Specifications and Photos

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