Posted by Andrew on July 28, 2011

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American manufacturer Victory just released its 2012 line-up. New is the Cross Country Tour, which it says “sets a new high standard for hard baggers, providing riders with unprecedented comfort and the greatest cargo capacity of any production motorcycle in the world.” The bike features Victory Comfort Control System, new tall windshield, Specially Equipped Hard Lowers, iPod-cable, 12 Volt power outlet, Lock & Ride trunk (17.7 gallons of storage), non-linked ABS, heated grips and seats, adjustable passanger floorboards.

2012 Victory Cross Country Tour

2012 Victory Cross Country Tour

All 2012 model year Victory bikes are powered by the 106-cubic-inch Freedom V-Twin engine which delivers 113 ft-lb of torque. In touring models, the engine produces 92 hp and 109 ft-lb of torque. The V-Twin is coupled with a six-speed gearbox which has a true overdrive for smooth highway cruising.

2012 Victory Cross Country Tour Specifications and Photos

2012 Victory line-up

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