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April 16, 2015

2015 Yamaha Super Ténéré gets Worldcrossover package

For adventure seekers on two wheels, the Yamaha Super Tenere is one of the best choices out there and the bike just got even more diserable. The manufacturer has revealed a new package that adds more protection to the mechanical parts while being highly stylish and aggresive. Yamaha even claims that the package offers an improved riding experience. The parts are available at Yamaha dealerships and can be ordered separately. Price of the complete package in Germany: €14.195. Read the full article »

April 6, 2015

Spidi Fandango – the jacket in Cafe Racer style

Born from a collaboration with the famous French magazine Cafe Racer, SPIDI Fandango is a cool reinterpretation of the classic biker leather jacket, in a modern and revolutionary way. The Fandango jacket is tailored by SPIDI‘s master craftsmen using the finest cowhide available in the italian tanning district of Vicenza, Italy. The whole design is the result of hundreds of hours spent analyzing the core elements and solutions applied to ancient leather jackets used for horse riding, reinterpreted to adapt and evolve to the modern use on board of cafè racers and naked bikes. Read the full article »

March 25, 2015

Nuviz, the the aftermarket HUD for motorcycle helmets

The new generation of motorcycle helmets with built-in GPS and head-up-display are just around the corner. But there’s a slight problem with the integrated helmets of Skully or Reevu & co. - they all look a bit expensive, costing up to US$1,500-2,000. Another company, Nuviz claims they will soon offer the first really workable HUD-helmet for less than thousand bucks. Click through for more details. Read the full article »

March 24, 2015

Yamaha Y-TRAC app for 2015 YZF-R1M available

If you’re lucky enough to own a brand new YZF-R1M, we have some really good news for you. Sadly, you will need an Android phone for that. Yamaha USA has just announced the launch of a new app that delivers an unprecedented level of rider- bike communication and interaction. The Y-TRAC app is already available for android, while the iOS version will debut later this summer. Read the full article »

March 22, 2015

Ducati Scrambler apparel and accessories now available at the dealerships and online

The dedicated Ducati Scrambler apparel and accessories line is now available at Ducati dealerships and at our online shop. The Scrambler has been conceived as nothing less than a lifestyle. A world of bikes, accessories and apparel, characterised by creativity and free expression where fun and shared thrills make it more special than ever. Just as it’s possible to choose a version of the bike, so everyone can now choose and purchase the accessories and apparel that best mirror its own personality. Read the full article »

March 13, 2015

Skully AR-1: the helmet for the digital age

If you’re into motorcycle gadgets, you’ve probably heard of the Skully helmet. The Skully AR-1 basically packs a heads-up display, rear-facing camera and GPS navigation to keep motorcyclists safe. The San Francisco-based startup just nabbed $11 million in Series A funding, proving that a wearable computer can still excite investors, even after the failure of Google Glass. Read the full article »

March 5, 2015

K5, AGV’s most anticipated helmet of the 2015 collection, is now available

Made from carbon and glass fibres, the new AGV K-5 arrives on the market with clear intent of becoming the top helmet for sports and road use. Its optimum fit with 3D linings and the fanatical attention to detail such as the small spoilers that integrate perfectly with the overall shape of the shell, it can help reduce turbulence and improve the Cx (coefficient of aerodynamic penetration) the slim, aerodynamic chin guard also ensures that the AGV K5 is highly stable even at high speed. Read the full article »

February 9, 2015

Dainese presents 2015 jeans collection

Since they were first invented, jeans have undergone many changes. They started life as work clothes, went on to become stars of the prêt-à-porter catwalk and, more recently, became an essential wardrobe component for motorcyclists all over the world. In 2010 Dainese was the first company to make jeans a “technical” garment, and now the company has created an entire collection dedicated to denim—100% made in Italy. Read the full article »

January 1, 2015

Russian firm is developing a head-up-display helmet

Drivers on phones, changing road surfaces, drivers not using mirrors - motorcyclists have enough to worry about without having to stare constantly on the speedometer. A Russian firm is now developing a head-up display helmet with built-in GPS navigation system and voice controlled interface. The firm is planning the release of the prototype in the spring, followed by a production version going on sale in the United States in summer. The helmet will retail for $2,000. Read the full article »

November 26, 2014

Riding motorcycle in the winter: combat the cold

Riding a motorcycle in the winter is definitely not for everybody. The possibility of ice is always there, even if the roads are well treated. But if the conditions are right and you have no other option to get to work or to school, here are some tips for winter riding. Read the full article »