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At the New York International Motorcycle Show, Kawasaki has revealed a one-off Ninja H2R created specifically for eleven-time drag racing champion Rickey Gadson. The special Ninja is truly an amazing bike featuring a 998cc supercharged inline-four, winglets and spoilers and carbon bodywork. The seat is cupped to keep you from being sucked off the back of it. And why do you need modifications like this? Because the engine delivers nearly 300hp.

The supercharged Ninja is a beast

The supercharged Ninja is a beast

Just to be accurate: it’s 296 hp. Let’s put it into perspective: Marc Marquez’s MotoGP bike is some 30-40 horsepower shy of that figure. To use that kind of power efficiently, you’ll need a really long wheelbase and a special swingarm for increased traction and stability off the start line. The engineers increased the wheelbase from 56.5 inches to 67.5 inches while the single sided swingarm comes from Adam’s Performance. The one-off Ninja has also got a high tensile steel trellis frame, and three sets of carbon fiber wings on the fairings and brakes are Brembo radial monoblocs.

How fast is it? Quarter mile takes about 8 seconds with a speed of 160-170 mph.

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