Posted by Andrew on October 19, 2010

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If you are a lucky owner of a yacht, and I mean a yacht, not a dingy, you probably want some exclusive form of transportation when you arrive at St. Tropez. Digital Veener have the solution for your problem. The New Zealander company built a special Vespa, called the „Limited Edition Tribute Vespa”, which draws inspiration from the Italian mahogany speedboats of the 60’s that were favored by the jetset of that era from St. Tropez to Portofino.

Click on the image for more pictures

Click on the image for more pictures

Each brand new Vespa is transformed by craftsmen into an authentic and unique work of art. From the rich Digital Veneer Mahogany mirror finish to the hand stitched leather seat, design elements from these legendary speedboats are accurately recreated, evoking the glamour and La Dolce Vita of the original. Each “Tribute” Vespa carries a numbered limited edition silver plaque. Our personal customization service is also available to meet your exact requirements.

2010 Vespa Tribute Digital Veneer’s Limited Edition Specifications and Photos

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