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Although Vespa is not the dominating brand in the global two-wheeler world, it has sold a few hundred thousand units only in the last two years. This iconic scooter is still much loved by all scooter enthusiasts who like style above all. What makes the new Vespa so popular is its unique and sturdy design, great efficiency, and classic image. Here is a full review of the 2015 Vespa Spring 150 ABS.

2015 Vespa Sprint 150

2015 Vespa Sprint 150

The new model of Vespa is not only versatile on the road but also features amazing general layout. This urban commuter indeed features a smart design with stylish exteriors. Unlike the old models of the Italian manufacturer, the new Sprint features the suspension with a hinged shock mount and larger front wheel. Sprint’s new rolling hardware features beautifully styled cast alloy wheels.

With the battery position moved to a new spot, this scooter now has an improved weight distribution feature. The European model of the Vespa Sprint also features the newly introduced Piaggio’s air-cooled 125cc valver. However, the American version will be powered by a 150cc SOHC engine.

Well-known Vespa lines

Well-known Vespa lines

Cuppini Chrome Folding Rear Rack; Vespa Primavera and Sprint Scooters

Just like the previous models, the new model features a 22mm exhaust valve and two 20mm inlet valves. With the 150cc engine, the Vespa Sprint can generate 10.8 horsepower at 7,700 rpm.

The scooter design is praiseworthy. Steering response of this new Vespa is quick, precise and stable. The design is sleek with a beautiful and light body. The under-seat space is for keeping the helmet and some lightweight items. The scooter is incredibly swift and highly efficient with its new and improved design.

20 horsepower is more than enough in city conditions – top speed 61mph, taht should be adequate for most users. The acceleration is pretty impressive for a scooter with this displacement. The new Sprint also has a rear 140mm drum and 200mm front disc brake. You cannot really complain about the performance of the Sprint on the road.

The Vespa Sprint is available with 50, 125 and 150cc engines

The Vespa Sprint is available with 50, 125 and 150cc engines

When compared to the older models of Vespa, the new Sprint looks classy and sleek. The performance on road is also remarkable. Another plus point of this model is that the engine is quiet. The mile per gallon rate is noteworthy, too. With a full tank (2.1 gallon), you can even leave the city and make a shorter trip in the outskirts. Carrying another passenger behind you is also easy with this new Vespa Sprint. In short, this new model looks stylish and works great when compared to the Primavera model.

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•             Excellent fuel economy with 117 mpg

•             Lightweight and stylish

•             Priced at $5,099


•             No significant distinguishing feature when compared to the previous model

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