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The 2011 Scarabeo 125 and 200 scooters have finally arrived. The bikes feature new electronic injection engines, new graphics and upgraded on-board computer. The Italian manufacturer refined the design, while the footrest is flat so the load capacity is increased. The windshield fastened to the steering head deflects the air flow beyond the rider, guaranteeing turbulence-free travel.

The 2011 Scarabeo 200

The 2011 Scarabeo 200

The totally complete analogue-digital instrument panel offers an actual on-board computer that can be controlled directly from the handlebar. Standing out amongst the many available options is the outside temperature reading with “ice warning” that alerts the rider to any ice present. The stand is designed to provide a very favourable leverage arm, so parking the Scarabeo is child’s play. The aluminium luggage carrier provides the ideal surface for mounting a top box. An expert use of chrome and the turn indicators built into the handlebar are some of the details that make the Scarabeo a vehicle of unique elegance.

Switch between ECO and Sport mode

Two engine mappings with ECO and Sport mode are available

The engine of the Scarabeo 125/200 was designed and developed expressly for this scooter. This light, rational and clean engine offers outstanding performance and fuel economy with remarkably low vibration and ultra-low emissions, in keeping with the Scarabeo philosophy of creating only environment-friendly vehicles. Both engines are liquid-cooled and equipped with four valve timing with double overhead camshafts, a sophisticated solution that optimises engine operation. The arrival of electronic fuel injection has brought with it enormous benefits in terms of both performance – further improved in maximum speed, pick-up and acceleration – and consumption by further lowering the fuel demands of this already parsimonious scooter.  Additionally, and for the first time ever on a scooter, Scarabeo 125/200 i.e. also allows the user to choose between two different engine mappings. The user can now select between ECO mode, which reduces fuel consumption by up to 7% and SPORT mode, which optimises performance, directly from the handlebar. The 200 engine boasts a good 14.2kW (19.3 HP) at 8,500 rpm with an extremely favourable torque (17.2 Nm at 6,500 rpm), making the Scarabeo lively during acceleration while still being relaxing and safe in all riding conditions. The 125 cc engine produces the maximum power output permitted by law for its capacity, and can be ridden with just a normal category B driver’s license. A responsive and safe ride is ensured by its 10.8kW (14.7 HP) along with its particularly light weight, making the Scarabeo one of the lightest vehicles of its category.

2011 Aprilia Scarabeo 125 Specifications and Photos

2011 Aprilia Scarabeo 200 Specifications and Photos

via Piaggio Group

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