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July 21, 2010

Swarovski covered 1961 Vespa

From time to time you can find ackward-looking gold-, or chrome-finished sports cars on the internet - most of them are owned by arabic sheiks. But the latest work of German firm Stomerichworld is even more unusual than a chrome-finished Lamborghini in the desert. They covered a vintage 1961 Vespa with Swarovski chrystals for a cost of €249 000. The Vespa is now useless as a motorcycle but you can rent it from Stonerichworld for promotional events. Read the full article »

July 16, 2010

Peugeot scooters’ entry into chinese market

Peugeot follows Piaggio into world's largest motorcycle market. The french company has announced that it would set up a joint venture with the Chinese company Qingqi Motorcycle to produce scooters. The commercial partner of Peugeot Scooters holds a 50% stake in the new firm. In all, the Peugeot network will comprise 145 sales outlets and nine flagship stores spread across nine Chinese provinces. At start, Peugeot will offer five products between 80 and 125 cm3, all manufactured at the state-of-the-art plant in Jinan. Read the full article »

July 15, 2010

Auto brand Smart to introduce electric scooter at Paris Motor Show in September

Parent company of Smart, Mercedes has announced that it will introduce a two-wheeled electric vehicle at Paris Motor Show in September. The new scooter will be the first step in a new business plan that will diversify the Smart brand. The new plug-in scooter fits perfictly with Smart's urban philosophy. Read the full article »

July 14, 2010

Electric Yamaha scooter heads for Europe

Yamaha Japan introduced the electric EC-03 scooter last autumn in Tokyo. The asian manufacturer has big plans with electric motorcycles, they want to capture the 20% of the world's zero-emission market by 2020. Therefore, Yamaha decided to bring the EC-03 to Europe. The 0.6kW scooter goes on sale in Japan in September and Europe in 2011. The model will cost €2230 ($2800) in Japan when it goes on sale in September. Read the full article »

July 1, 2010

New 300cc Piaggio MP3 Hybrid: more power, less consumption

Since 2008 Piaggio sold more than 72 000 copies from its innovative three wheeler, so it makes sence that the italians are going to enrich the MP3 palette. The newbie, calls the MP3 Hybrid 300i comes to support the version to 125cc and as the younger brother integrates traditional thermal propulsion with electric motors with zero emissions, while also allowing the charger to a standard household electrical outlet as well as during the march. Read the full article »

June 23, 2010

Three new SBK Replicas from Aprilia

Schools are already finished, the summer started, but there will certainly be some fourteen or sixteen undecided what to do regarding his prize for wender. Aprilia couldn't have picked a better time to introduce their new 50cc and 125cc SBK Replicas. The italians offer four special edition motorcycles: SR 50 R SBK (€2680), SR 50 R Factory SBK (€2850), RS 50 Replica SBK (€3720) and RS 125 Replica SBK (€5500). Read the full article »

June 21, 2010

New Vespa GTV Via Montenapoleone revealed

Vespa introduced his new limited edition GTV Via Montenapoleone scooter. The special edition motorcycle interprets the elements of style more tipical of the 50's. Apart from that, the Vespa has an ultra modern engine with electronic fuel injection and a monocoque body. The exclusive version draws its inspiration from the world of fashion and art, and its name "Via Montenapoleone" is a clear reference to the elegance that distinguishes Vespa. Read the full article »

June 7, 2010

Piaggio re-enters the indian market with Vespa scooters from 2012

Piaggio has decided to launch Vespa scooters in India from 2012, starting with the LX125. India is the world's second largest motorcycle market with 8.4 million units having been sold in 2009. The sale of scooters accounted for about 1.3 million units. The enormous market is currently dominated by Honda, but Suzuki and Mahindra has a significant market share, too. Read the full article »

May 26, 2010

125 cc of fun – Honda announced 2011 PCX scooter

The all-new Honda PCX scooter combines sportbike-inspired styling and great fuel economy into the package that makes riding fun. The mid-sized scooter bridges the gap between the 108 cc Elite and the 153 cc SH150i and will be available in two colours, white or red. Read the full article »

May 23, 2010

The new Piaggio Beverly 300 scooter has arrived

The new Piaggio Beverly 300 city scooter has arrived. The scooter has a new design for 2010, LED daytime running and chrome features. The Beverly 300 has enough power and comfort for short and mid-range touring and consumes less energy thanks to the new electronic cooling system. Read the full article »