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April 12, 2011

Screwdriver-powered vehicle “EX”

Excentricity is defined as a deviation from what is ordinary or customary. To match this definition, four guys - Nils Ferber, Sebastian Auray, Ruben Faber and Ludolf von Oldershausen - couldn´t just modify an existing vehicle but had to start designing something new from scratch. The result is a completely new driving concept: The driver lies headlong on his three-wheeled vehicle and accelerates the "EX" with sprawled out arms up to 30 km/h. Read the full article »

March 22, 2011

Saline Bird Concept

This concept was designed for the speed record holders Les Triplettes de Bonneville. French designers from ISD of Valenciennes Charles-Edouard Berche, Ugo Spagnolo , Adrien Fuinesl, Frédéric Dobbelstein, and Jean-Philippe Paries built a motorcycle powered by a compressed air engine. The Saline Bird features carbon fibre frame that holds the air tanks. If you want, you can add a leather body panel to the bike for an aerdynamic finish. Read the full article »

January 15, 2011

2010 Honda Fury Furious Hardtail Chopper Concept

Based on the 2010 Fury, Nick Renner (Honda R&D Americas) introduces "Furious", a bold blend of new and old school flavor. Pounding the street with a 23 inch wheel up front and a 20 on the rear, Furious makes no apologies. 45 degree rake and converted hard tail create a clean, pure statement that is simply chopper. Metal flake, variegated leafing, and diamond stitched seat contrast with the five spoke crushers and Fury tank. Long and low, clean and mean... Furious is an instant Neo-Classic. Read the full article »

January 13, 2011

Honda Stateline Slammer Bagger Concept

The Slammer Bagger Concept was designed by a member of Honda Research & Development Americas located in Southern California. “Based on a 2010 Stateline, designer Erik Dunshee reveals the life of low. Fueled by elegance and power the Slammer sports a fully adjustable air-ride suspension, NAV/Multimedia, 10" subwoofer and 500 watts of power. With a full front end conversion, including a lean 23" custom wheel, the designer achieved all this without frame or engine modification. Low has never looked so good.” – says Honda. Read the full article »

December 20, 2010

Video: Cobra custom Honda RS750 Scrambler

Cobra Engineering’s Special Projects Division has drawn five concept bikes based on the Honda VT750 Shadow’s V-twin, a Scrambler, Café Racer, Street Fighter, Dirt Tracker and Bobber. “Once again, Cobra Engineering will undertake a multi-bike custom project. Back in 1996 Cobra did a similar project with American Honda around the 750 Ace, building what would come to be known as the Four Aces. Now with the new RS750, Cobra will build two customs based around two ofthe five concepts presented here,” said Ken Boyko from Cobra. Read the full article »

November 24, 2010

Ducati ST1200 Concept: the return of the ST?

The Italian manufacturer killed the ST name at the end of 2007 when Ducati sold just barely over 1,000 units of its sport-tourer. But since then, the brand has introduced the Multistrada model and the ST owners thought it’s a poor successor of their bike. But the Multistrada is more oriented for adventure so there is still a gap in the Italian’s lineup that some believe should be fitted. One of these persons is Italian designer Luca Bar who created this ST1200 Concept which draws inspiration from the Multistrada. Read the full article »

November 15, 2010

UNO – Innovative Electric Motorcycle for $25,000

A young inventor has created a motorcycle concept with a twist – it uses two wheels but they are positioned right next to each other, giving it the illusion of being a powered unicycle. The Massachussets-based company, BPG Motors is about to revolutionize the two-wheeled world with the UNO motorcycle. The chairman and founder of the company, 21-year-old inventor Ben Gulak says the bike will have the performanve of a maxi scooter but can turn 360 degrees in a 3 foot area. Read the full article »

November 3, 2010

Husqvarna Mille 3 Concept: a cruiser with a V3 engine

Husqvarna unveiled today the Mille 3 Concept – a lightweight, V3-powered cruiser/sportsbike. The bike, which appears to be a crazy cross between a tracker, a cruiser and a sportsbike, is powered by a 930cc V-triple (one in two cylinders, one vertical cylinder) engine. Husqvarna says, "Emotion is irrational, curiosity is a gift, and anti-conformism is innate. With the concept study "Mille3", Husqvarna has given form to its vision of biking, diverse and – it goes without saying - innovative." Read the full article »

November 2, 2010

BMW Concept C: the scooter of the future

Recent years have seen radical changes in the world of individual mobility, specifically in the conurbations, and the number of registrations has rocketed for virtually all individual transport concepts. However, the space available to traffic has not grown to the same extent, so individual mobility must come to terms with the new circumstances. Against this background, BMW Motorrad will be expanding its present motorcycle adventure world to include the big scooter. This new product segment will first give rise to two innovative premium scooters with internal combustion engines. Read the full article »

October 22, 2010

Red Bull Motorcycle Concept

We have seen a lot of interesting mototcycle concepts, but this latest one is just unique. This Red Bull motorcycle concept is rather a sculpture than a two-wheeler. And who can create something like that? An artist of course, Barrend Massow Hemmes. He revealed that the basic idea behind his creation is inspired by one of his iconic company logo víz, bull, which had existed only on papers before. Would you take a ride on this one? Read the full article »