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January 14, 2015

7MC Design – how a Jaguar motorcycle would look like

It’s not uncommon that large car manufacturers take a detour into the world of motorcycles. BMW produces motorcycles for 90 years now and Mercedes-Benz bought shares through its AMG department in MV Agusta. There are even rumors about Ferrari getting into the bike business. Jaguar is also not known for its two-wheelers but Hungarian designer Tamas Jakus still created a Jaguar motorcycle concept called the MC7. Read the full article »

December 19, 2014

The rebirth of American board-track racing – in Europe

Vintage gear, rare antique Harleys and Indians with no brakes, invitation-only races, leather helmet for protection - this is board-track racing. This type of motorcycle racing had its golden age in the 1910s and 1920s in the U.S. but board tracks proliferated in part because they were inexpensive to construct. 70 years later, the sport experiences a revival in Europe - where this type of racing actually was born. Read the full article »

December 11, 2014

Akrapovič Full Moon: out of this world

Slovenian exhaust manufacturer Akrapovič has apparently gotten into custom bikes to show off its work - and we’re glad they did. They have just revealed the Full Moon concept on the Bad Salzuflen custom bike show in Germany. Extravagant, uncategorizable, striking - these are the first words I said when I saw the bike. The gorgeous design was developed in cooperation with another Slovenian company called Dreamachine Motorcycles and it took approximately 800 hours to complete. Read the full article »

December 2, 2014

6 best motorcycle chase scenes in movies

Chase scenes are awesome and they are essential in every action movie. It doesn’t even matter if it’s a car, a helicopter, a horse, a motorcycle or a snowmobile. They represent speed, power, and in some cases coolness. Just think of Keira Knighley atop her Ducati, Jack Nicholson on his Chopper in Easy Rider or Steve Mcqueen smoking on his race bike. We’ve picked a couple of our personal favorite motorcycle scenes and made a list out of them. Read the full article »

November 28, 2014

The best less-known motorcycle roads in Europe

There are roads and there are motorcycle roads. Planning spectacular motorcycle trips start with finding the best routes, Mbike collected some less-known trips that will thrill you and test your skills. The key element is to find the right mix of bends and staggering scenery. Read the full article »

September 10, 2014

Ace Cafe Reunion & Brighton Burn Up

Taking place over three days this September, the Ace Café Reunion is back! The 21st annual event will celebrate motorcycling history, culture and style with a never before seen project between the Ace Café London and Triumph Motorcycles revealed on Friday 12th September. Read the full article »

May 11, 2012

Video: Julien Dupont rides Favela in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro's Vidigal community is known for having one of the most amazing views in the entire city. However this week, they got a glimpse of something completely different: French moto trial athlete Julien Dupont riding and jumping over the walls and alleys in an unprecedented two-wheel challenge inside the community. Read the full article »

April 16, 2012

Video: How the world’s most beautiful 600cc sportsbike being created

The 2012 MV Agusta F3 675 is not only one of the most beautiful machine in its category, but it’s also very powerful and advanced. It is powered by an ultra-compact in-line three cylinder with the perfect balance between advanced mechanical engineering, advanced materials and electronic technology. It is an ultra-modern, extremely advanced engine capable of 128 hp at 14.500 rpm and 71 Nm of torque at 10.600 rpm. Are you curious, how it is being put together? Watch the video after the jump. Read the full article »

August 29, 2011

David Hasselhoff coming to Sons of Anarchy

Here’s some surprising casting. David Hasselhoff will be guest starring on FX’s Sons of Anarchy tv show this coming season. It has been announced that Hasselhoff will be joining SAMCRO this October. TVGuide describes his role as, „Dondo, a well-endowed former porn star who is now making major coin by producing sleazy girl-on-girl adult films.” „Who wouldn’t want to play a porno king? It’ll be fun...” the Baywatch star told The Mirror. “I’m also putting together and negotiating a deal to do An Evening With for ITV, followed by a national tour singing the songs of Broadway,” he added. Read the full article »

August 18, 2011

Bikers torch Porsche 928 in Icon’s latest video

Icon Motorsports’ latest video has arrived. The video starts with commentary stating “All around the world, motorcycles and cars share the same roads. This video demonstrates some of the situations motorcyclists face every day.” It also involves V-Twin stunt riders Chris Rayburn and Rob Carpenter and a Porsche 928. Icon wanted to remind riders and drivers that they all share the same roads, but the way they did that, is pretty interesting. Read the full article »