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June 5, 2015

Post-apocalyptic customs: the bikes of Mad Max Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road is definitely a movie for action lovers and weapons geeks. Fans of the original movies will not be surprised to hear that it's also got lots of eye candy for motorcycle fanatics as well. Underneath the heavy customization many of the bikes are recognizable to the enthusiast. Here are some of the most prominent bikes from the film and the story behind them. Read the full article »

June 2, 2015

TE Connectivity 3D-prints a functioning Harley-Davidson Softail

A fully-functioning 3D printed Harley-Davidson Softail has been reveiled at the Californian technology fair RAPID in Long Beach. The bike demonstates the ability to design a motorcycle on a computer, print it in plastic, add tires and an engine, then take it for a spin around the block. The plastic machine is claimed to be capable of supporting two adults - the concept is nothing short of exciting. Read the full article »

May 26, 2015

The Best Custom Scrambler Ducatis At The Bike Shed

This year’s Bike Shed event in London will see a collection of Ducati Scrambler inspired customised bikes as builders from the UK and Italy proudly present their latest creations, including winner of the EICMA Best in Show contest 2014. If you’re into customized Scramblers, click through because the British and Italian builders were really creative this time. Read the full article »

May 25, 2015

Triumph Custom T100 „Venom” Bonneville launched

A special one-off Bonnie, called 'Venom', was unveiled at the MCM London Comic Con to celebrate the launch of Konami’s forthcoming new game METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN. The custom Bonnville was designed in collaboration with Konami for the iconic Metal Gear Solid character Snake, and will then tour a number of events throughout the year. The motorcycle is completely stripped and bears renowned Diamond Dogs logo. Read the full article »

May 21, 2015

Functional Tron: Legacy bike sold at auction for $77k

RM Auctions has just answered the question whether you can put a price on the future. A functional replica of the Lightcycle from the movie Tron: Legacy was sold through an auction by RM Sotheby's at the Andrews Auto Collection for $77,000 over the weekend. The bike works and rides normally and it is powered by an electric motor. It also features lithium-ion batteries, ride-by-wire throttle and hydraulic brakes. Read the full article »

May 18, 2015

CurbNinja iOS App helps you find moto parking spots – video

Finding a parking spot for a motorcycle or a scooter is usually not that complicated: just find a space big enough for a two-wheeler and you’re done. However, if you’re traveling to a new area, it can become harder than that. A new iOS app called CurbNinja helps you find those spaces in cities like San Francisco, Las Vegas or San Jose. Read the full article »

May 18, 2015

Orlando Bloom’s BMW S 1000 R Custom presented – video

Everyone knows Orlando Bloom as a successful actor, but not everyone knows about his passion for motorbikes. As a long-standing fan of BMW motorcycles, Orlando Bloom owns and rides a number of BMW models, including old classics. He also has a custom S 1000 R built by Deus Ex Machina in California and revealed by the Bavarian manufacturer this morning. The bike is called the „4CYL”. Read the full article »

May 15, 2015

First bike of Indian Motorcycles’ Special Scout Series is a custom military Scout – video

Indian Motorcycle has announced that it will roll out a series of custom Indian Scouts designed and built by some of America’s top custom bike builders, each designed to celebrate an important Indian Scout milestone or achievement since its debut in 1920. The first bike of the series is the Custom Military Scout, a tribute to the company’s nearly 100-year history of supporting the U.S. Military. Click through to watch the video of the bike with Indian brand ambassador Mark Wahlberg. Read the full article »

May 10, 2015

Video: Jay Leno rides an orogonal 1936 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead

The Knucklehead was a revolutionary motorcycle when it was introduced in the 1930’s. It had a four-speed gearbox, dry slump lubrication, and overhead valve V-Twin when other bikes were mostly flatheads. Basically, this was the bike that made Harley-Davidson. Leno brought the bike in the eighties but it just sat in the corner for three decades. And then some day, Leno decided to get it running. Read the full article »

May 9, 2015

Meet the PS 240, the world’s most powerful vintage Vespa

Let me introduce you the world’s craziest Vespa, the PS 240. The scooter was built by a couple of mental patient Vespa mechanics in Hamburg, Germany and it has more horses than the Harley-Davidson Street or many entry-level sportsbikes. 38 hp to the wheel, 4-speed transmission, 200 lbs of wet weight – we definitely would take this sleeper for a spin around the block. Click through for some details. Read the full article »