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The Japanese manufacturer has introduced the 2012 model year YZF-R1, which has a seven-level Traction Control System, new ECU and new headlight cowl designed to be sharper, more modern, and more aggressive. In addition to the ECU changes and new traction control system, which combine to achieve a new level of drivability, the R1 features muffler covers and muffler end tips plus a MotoGP inspired lightweight top triple clamp.

106 images in the gallery

106 images in the gallery

Key features:

•Seven-level Traction Control System allows the rider to get more traction and drive while exiting corners.

•New ECU settings provide excellent drivability during low and mid rpm acceleration.

•New top triple clamps add to the appearance of the YZF-R1, reminiscent of the MotoGP® powerhouse YZR-M1.

•The footrests have been redesigned for great boot sole contact and advanced rider/motorcycle interface.

•New headlight cowl styling and LED position lights enhance the YZF-R1’s unique styling.

•New silencer heat guards and end caps are re-styled to give the rear end of the bike a more compact look ,while at the same time making the individual parts look more mechanical.

2012 Yamaha YZF-R1 Specifications and Photos

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