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CRP Racing has developed a new version of the Italian electric racing motorcycle. The eCRP 1.4 will be the workhorse of the 2011 season and is available for lease by all teams taking part in electric motorcycle championships such as e-Power and TTXGP. The eCRP 1.4 is the electric racing motorcycle that strikes a cost-effectiveness balance for competition in electric racing. CRP Racing has engineered a motorcycle that handles extremely well and has the ability to provide a stable and predictable platform for the rider.

The eCRP 1.4 electric race bike

The eCRP 1.4 electric race bike

The eCRP 1.4 uses a lithium-polymer 7.4Kw/h power supply with the weight of 52 kgcustom made and optimized for racing. Proper weight distribution and use of proven racing technology allows the eCRP 1.4 to weigh in at just 160kgs total. The use of Additive Manufacturing and the innovative materials of the Windform product line represents a crucial stage in the construction of the electric racing motorcycle, carried out in collaboration with CRP Technology. The chassis of the electric racing motorcycle eCRP 1.4 features a cast aluminum frame,welded aluminum swingarm and racing suspension. The eCRP 1.4 will also be equipped with a datalogger and sensors with built-in GPS, a newracing dashboard, dual DC motors (new for 2011) and integrated air cooling.

The dashboard datalogger can record the values from sensors for front and rear suspensions and throttle position. It is also able to measure volts / amps into and out of the controller, and monitor the temperature of the motors (updated in 2011) and controller. All this will be integrated with the GPS that records speed, acceleration and trajectory in real-time, with the objective of increasing the rider and teams ability to be effective in practice and at the race. Better information is key to help improve racing strategies.

The eCRP 1.4, is ideally suited for the two new classes of TTXGP, Formula 75 and Open Formula GP, as widely demonstrated by eCRP 1.2, the 2010 version of our electric racing motorcycle. The eCRP 1.4 uses the same proven technologies and handling characteristics that helped us secure the EU Cup.

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