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August 4, 2010

Video: Sak Art Design Electric Superbike

More and more companys plan to manufacture electric cars and motorcycles, although most of them are only concept. The newest one comes from italian design firm Sak Art, which has close connection with Ducati. They have come up with an electric Superbike concept, called SBIK_E. Hit the jump for the video. Read the full article »

July 22, 2010

Honda revealed zero-emission future

Honda has unveiled the company's future plans, which includes solar charging stations and cheaper zero-emission technology. Company president and CEO Takanobu Ito has outlined in his speech: Honda will begin lease sales of battery-powered EV-neo scooter to businesses in Japan later this year. He also said Honda tries to improve electric technology and reduce costs to make zero-emission machines available to a wider audience. Read the full article »

July 17, 2010

Roehr revealed three new electric motorcycles

American motorcycle manufacturer Roehr introduced today three new electric motorcycles. Built around a Hyosung chassis, all three Roehrs look identical and feature AC induction motor technology, with the eSupersport using a single-motor setup, while the eSuperBike and the eSuperBike RR feature twin-motors. Read the full article »

July 16, 2010

Brammo introduced the Empulse, a 100 mph+ naked motorcycle with 100-mile range – with video

Brammo, the electric motorcycle manufacturer announced its new bike, the Empulse - a brand new naked street fighting machine. The specifications of the bike are quite impressive: top speed over 100 miles per hour, price below $10 000. The Empulse uses the Brammo Power battery pack and Brammo Power vehicle management system. Read the full article »

July 15, 2010

Clever electric motorcycle concept with shared battery system

Italian designer Paolo De Giusti revealed his new motorcycle concept, which is a very innovative piece of metal. De Giusti experimented with new forms, and the result is an aerodinamic drag-reducing shape with massive edges. Read the full article »

July 15, 2010

Auto brand Smart to introduce electric scooter at Paris Motor Show in September

Parent company of Smart, Mercedes has announced that it will introduce a two-wheeled electric vehicle at Paris Motor Show in September. The new scooter will be the first step in a new business plan that will diversify the Smart brand. The new plug-in scooter fits perfictly with Smart's urban philosophy. Read the full article »

July 14, 2010

Electric Yamaha scooter heads for Europe

Yamaha Japan introduced the electric EC-03 scooter last autumn in Tokyo. The asian manufacturer has big plans with electric motorcycles, they want to capture the 20% of the world's zero-emission market by 2020. Therefore, Yamaha decided to bring the EC-03 to Europe. The 0.6kW scooter goes on sale in Japan in September and Europe in 2011. The model will cost €2230 ($2800) in Japan when it goes on sale in September. Read the full article »

June 24, 2010

Video: On-board the TT Zero-winning MotoCzysz E1pc

From this yar on there is a whole new category on the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy for electric motorcycles. The MotoCzysz E1pc simply annihilated the competition, reaching 95mph average speed. This video should give you some idea what it's like to go 141mph on an electric motorcycle. Wat do you think, has the future already arrived? Read the full article »

June 22, 2010

Aer Indes: 200 hp, zero-emission motorcycle concept

KTM, Zero Motorcycles, Motoczysz - just a few from those old/new manufacturers who started to produce electric two-wheelers in the last couple of years. The electric motorcycles clearly moves the young designers mind, too. This concept belongs to design student Andre Look. The designer used hi-tech materials for the frame and bodywork, four motors and batteries that can swapped in seconds, the bike's power output is 200hp. A secondary motor housed within the swingarm boosts power by a further 25hp. Read the full article »

June 3, 2010

Duka Concept – The electric bike of the future

The Duka concept combines traditional looks with advanced electric components, which allows the driver to personalize the bike easily. Designed by Miyhael Logue, the Duka lets you enjoy high speed biking and yet remain manageable around the city. The motorcycle features an aluminium frame structure, this should be a safe and durable cruiser with a low center of gravity and comfortable riding position. The Duka is powered by two compact, yet efficient electric motors, but performance is unknown. Read the full article »