Posted by Andrew on July 22, 2010

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Honda has unveiled the company’s future plans, which includes solar charging stations and cheaper zero-emission technology. Company president and CEO Takanobu Ito has outlined in his speech: Honda will begin lease sales of battery-powered EV-neo scooter to businesses in Japan later this year. He also said Honda tries to improve electric technology and reduce costs to make zero-emission machines available to a wider audience.

Honda to begin demonstration tests of next-generation personal mobility in 2010

Honda to begin demonstration tests of next-generation personal mobility in 2010

The japanese’s plans to enhance zero-emission technology is serious. Honda collaborates with electromotive specialists to study the possibilities of solar-powered energy stations and for plug-in systems which can be used by battery-powered vehicles. Honda is planning a demonstration of the system in Japan: “Using experimental models of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles as well as the EV-neo electric scooter, Honda will verify the effectiveness of such personal mobility to realise low-carbon mobility. By monitoring the positional and operational information of participating Monpal ML200 electric carts, Honda will verify how such personal mobility will contribute to the quality of the daily life and health of local residents in the face of an aging society. By establishing and utilising recharging stations that use thin-film solar cells manufactured by Honda Soltec, Honda will verify the effectiveness of the system which reduces CO2 from the energy-supply phase.”

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