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Fancy adding a cool and functional accessory to your Ural? Here’s the Burn Bag, a very stylish travel bag that will fit perfectly on your sidecar luggage rack. Of course, you can use it in a lot of other scenarios, as well. Ural developed the bag using the toughest materials they could find – the bag is made of 20 oz. military M35 Tarpaulin fabric, for example. It’s so strong that it will hold $893,000 in $20 USD bills if needed.

The Ural Burn Bag

The Ural Burn Bag

Ural is not that cheap and funny motorcycle manufacturer that makes bikes with outdated technology any more. They added some modern features to their models including electronic fuel injection, top-shelf suspension parts, Brembo brakes. Now, the brand is expanding its operations in the accessories and lifestyle territory.

Their first creation is the Burn Bag. According to Ural, this is the best accessory when you decide to go on a motorcycle trip in a hurry. The bag is 20″ wide x 12” tall x 10″ deep so it can hold 39 liters, this is a rather large amount for this kind of accessory.

Ural enters the fashion market

Ural enters the fashion market

But the bag isn’t just big, it’s tough, too. Ural used the strongest materials they could find. The bag is made of 20 oz. M35 military truck tarpaulin and horween leather while the lining is made from 1000D Cordura fabric. This lining is even stronger than many high-quality gears on the market.

The bag is naturally water-resistant, even the zipper is offering industrial grade #10 YKK water resistance. The Burn Bag has top-grade Austin calf horween leather front pocket and accents. Ural designed a 4-point anchor system to attach the bag to the luggage racks.

As we know, Ural rarely sends us a press release without humor and of course they didn’t miss this nice touch this time either. According to Ural, one of the key features of the magical bag is that it can hold $893,000 in $20 USD bills if needed. Anyway, the Burn Bag retails for $380 (€340).

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