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The X10, Piaggio’s stylish maxi scooter is available with three engine options – 125, 330 and 500cc. If you are dreaming of a big and elegant scooter with outstanding looks, magnificent range and large carrying capacity, you shall not forget about the X10 though it’s not a brand new model. The 125cc X10 retails for 5.050,00€ while the X10 500 Executive sits on the top of the range – this one costs 8.990,00€.

2015 Piaggio X10

2015 Piaggio X10

It’s all about downsizing in the autombile industry nowadays but Piaggio also talks about this much-hated concept lately. They developed several versions of the X10, sharing the maximum number of items including the entire frame and fairing. The X10 is available with three engines: 125, 330 and 500cc but nothing distinguishes from afar the three models, the all are attractive and elegant.

The refined design is both modern and classic at the same time while the guys at Piaggio paid extreme attention to detail like the digital screen with a blue background or the backlight that switches and stalks at night. Everything is large on the X10 – long and wide saddle, roomy enough for two adults, large dashboard, large LED headlight, large wheelbase etc. The windscreen protects the rider pretty good from the wind and weather.

Elegant and sleek design - Piaggio X10

Elegant and sleek design – Piaggio X10

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The smallest engine has a capacity of 125cc and delivers 15hp at 8,750rpm while maximum torque is 12Nm at 7,250rpm. Top speed is 99 km/h and this version weighs 203kg wet. But the most impressive feature of the smallest X10 is not the prformance but the large, 15,5l tank that gives you a range of 450-490km.

But the 125cc X10 is not a rocket so if you’re a more frequent guest on highways, the 3300cc X10 is a better choice. Its single-cylinder engine’s 33hp gives it a top speed of 139 km/h and good acceleration. The largest and most expensive X10 is capable of reaching 150 km/h while being only 39kg heavier than the 125cc version – this one is almost as fast as the BMW C650 GT.

The X10's dash

The X10′s dash

Besides the great range, there’s another area where the X10 shines and it’s the cargo capacity. A central compartment was built into the leg shield back plate which is one of the largest in the category – where the convenient 12V electrical socket is housed – as well as two very convenient storage compartments, ideal for keeping your keys, wallet or motorway ticket within easy reach. The left hand compartment also has a USB port (accessory on the 125 cc) which can be used to power your mobile phone.

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Lifting the saddle, kept open by a practical piston system, we then find a more than generous compartment below: an authentic boot, equipped with anti-impact flocked mat (accessory on the 125 cc) and a courtesy light, easily able to accommodate, on the 350 and 125 versions, two flip up helmets, thanks to its more than 52 litre capacity. On the X10 500 the helmet compartment can accommodate a flip up helmet and a demi-jet helmet.

2015 Piaggio X10

2015 Piaggio X10

A brand new feature for the scooter world is the backlit controls on the handlebar, a solution which ensures quick and efficient recognition of the controls on the blocks even at night, all to the advantage of safe riding.

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On the right hand side we find the starter button, the map selection button (on the 350cc), the engine kill switch and the mode button which is used to navigate through the on board computer menus.On the other hand, the left side has the horn button, the turn indicator switch and the high beam/low beam/flash control.

2015 Piaggio X10 350

2015 Piaggio X10 350

As I mentioned before, the X10 is available in three versions but in addition to that, the X10 also has an Executive version in the 3300/500cc category. The X10 125 retails for 5.050€. The X10 350 costs 7,490€ and for the X10 500, Piaggio will charge you another 1,500€.

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