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„The Ragged Edge”, a documentary about Erik Buell Racing, will air tonight on PBS, but only if you live in Wisconsin. Erik Buell Racing (EBR) is (was) the only American sport bike company that is now racing for its survival. This documentary combines the power, excitement, and tension of motorcycle racing from the point of view of teams in the pits with the equally powerful stories of a company trying to make it through a financial maelstrom and the personal survival stories of working families in America’s heartland.

Erik Buell Racing 1190

Erik Buell Racing 1190

According to creator Joe Sousa, the documentary is “a full, important profile of the man and the company that both changed motorcycling in America and have come to stand for the dogged determination – even in the face of failure – that characterizes the best of American business. We feel this is a film not just for the fans of Buell and EBR Racing, but anyone who appreciates a story about an underdog trying to make it. Even if, in the end, it doesn’t quite work out.”

The Ragged Edge – Trailer from Ragged Edge on Vimeo.

EBR is currently fighting for its survival, it closed its doors and went into receivership last month. The move left 126 employees out of work while the company has more than $20 million in outstanding liabilities. EBR was owned by Harley-Davidson for more than a decade before Harley sold the brand in 2009. Company founder Erik Buell did everything he could, including investing his own money but struggled to gain sales.

Source: Ragged Edge film

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