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1 competition – 10 challenges. Right after crossing the finish line, KTM goodie bags and three main prizes are waiting for you: one KTM RC 390 and two RC 125! Start the race at

Take a picture or video, upload and tag
“Escape your daily race” is a photo and video contest based on ten challenges in which you can participate by uploading a photo/video to Every two weeks a new challenging task will be presented with which you can prove yourself. Once shot, post the kick-ass interpretation of the current challenge and tag it with #KTMRC and the current challenge-tag (for example #CHALLENGE1 or #CHALLENGE2).

Share with friends
Now that the first step is done, it is time to step up the game. Track the standing in your profile, collect badges, share submission with friends and let them vote for you. Don’t forget to keep the audience entertained! The photo/video that gets the most votes will win the challenge and get one of the KTM goodie bags.

To be a real champ and win the whole race you have to give a kick-ass performance more than once. The score will be raised challenge by challenge based on the amount of votes you get. The harder the challenge, the more a vote will count, so don’t lose track of the game!

Vote and win
The three people with the highest score get one of three main
1. A brand-new KTM RC 390 plus a GoPro and the chance to be
part in one of the next KTM action videos
2. A brand-new KTM RC 125
3. A KTM RC 125 for one season


via KTM

Photo: Mitterbauer H., Schedl R.

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