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The Isle of Man TT is one of the iconic events in the world of motorsport, and possibly the most famous road race in the world. “It goes from one extreme to another.” says Guy Martin TAS rider and biker icon. “The consequences of a mistake can be so big, you’re not going to fall off on the TT and not expect to be badly injured,” says Phillip Neill, TAS team manager and veteran biker. Guy Martin, however, is a man who knows all about the danger of the course and in true “no half measures” style, the danger is the reason he does it. “I want to keep it dangerous, that’s what gives me the buzz.”

Best Clips from IOM TT 2011

Isle of Man Police are not so happy about this year’s event. Four motorcyclists were killed and thirty-two people were also seriously injured during the festival in 92 crashes. In 2010, there was one fatality and 22 serious crashes during the TT fortnight. Isle of Man Police are reviewing its operation to establish if any safety improvements can be made in 2012.

Crazy jump and save by Dan Kneen

Keith Amor crash

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