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Aprilia’s 50cc SR Motard was originally scheduled to go sale in 2012 but after some delays, it arrived in the dealerships almost a year later, in the Summer of 2013. Since then, it’s one of the sportiest scooter of the segment. It features sharp styling, affordable price tag and a revvy engine that churns out 4,6hp at 8,000rpm. The bike is available in black and white colors and it retails for $2,099 in the United States.

2015 Aprilia SR50 Motard

2015 Aprilia SR50 Motard

The SR Motard is the new supermoto-inspired scooter from Aprilia, designed for riders who want an affordable, practical and reliable 50cc 4-stroke scooter. The SR Motard is characterized by aggressive, minimalist and compact styling. It’s large and comfortable saddle bears color-coded red fabric and sporty white stitching, setting the SR Motard apart from every other scooter on the market. The helmet compartment is big enough for a flip up helmet. While most scooters feature 12” wheels, the SR Motard boasts gloss black 14″ wheels with five double spokes for increased style, presence and handling prowess.

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The SR scooter is available with two engines, a 50cc and a 125cc unit. The smaller one is extremely lively thanks to its lightness and responsiveness. The tubular steel frame accommodates at the front a robust, telescopic, hydraulic upside down fork while at the rear is a single hydraulic dual-effect suspension connected to the transmission group that acts as a swingarm. The large 14” wheel rims mount sports road tyres. Braking safety is guaranteed by the 220mm front disc assisted by the powerful and adjustable 140 mm rear drum.

The smaller SR50

The smaller SR50

The design reflects the character of Aprilia SR Motard which, derived from the solid technical base of best seller, Typhoon, evolves toward a fun ride. The decidedly sporty handlebar, the light unit included in the shield and above all the pronounced “beak” on the front wheel (reminiscent of the off-road world) characterise the front end. The flat footrest, in addition to ensuring convenient seating and riding comfort, improves the load capacity, thanks to the hook in the leg shield back plate. The large black 14″ wheels with five doubled spokes show of a decisive and sporty design drawn from the Aprilia racing bikes. Sleek and spirited, the SR Motard rear end holds a large and comfortable saddle that bears the coloured graphics of the body on the sides, a refinement which enhances the liveliness of a vehicle born to make every city ride fun. The large helmet compartment can hold a flip up helmet Aprilia SR Motard is available in three colours: Black, White and Orange matte copper. MSRP: $2,099.


  • Great, sporty styling
  • Lively engine
  • Affordable price


  • Minimal storage capacity

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