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Moto Guzzi revealed the 2011 Stelvio 1200 8V and its more „adventurous” version, the NTX last November, and now the Italians released a bunch of high-res photos of the machines. The maxi enduro got more attractive and trendy, it features new headlight fairing, a larger fuel tank, updated windshield and new saddle lining. Thanks to the new style, the Stelvio offers more efficient wind protection. The cockpit of the Stelvio features new graphics on the on-board control panel with an increased scale fuel indicator.

The NTX version

The NTX version

The 2011 version retains its 90-degree four-stroke V-twin, but the 1151cc engine tweaks new ignition and ECU, which improves response to the throttle control. The engine now boasts a maximum torque of over 113Nm delivered at a mere 5,800 rpm and easily reaches a peak in output of over 105hp; it practically reaches an automobile-level speed of 7,250 rpm. The NTX has all the technical features of the base version, plus some exceptional new fixtures, i.e. the sturdy “armour” that embraces it and comprises the oil sump guard, engine guard, cylinder guard, full cover hand-guards and extra large windshield with additional wind deflectors to protect the rider and his bike against the hidden dangers throughout his trip.

The base version of the 2011 Stelvio

The base version of the 2011 Stelvio

Major improvements are also found in the controls, with a new dashboard including a 12V power outlet, a new fuse box compartment, cockpit and instrument panel with new rpm indicator graphics and a dash display with six-mark fuel indicator that integrates with on-board computer functions such as average and current consumption, average speed, trip time, maximum speed peak reached and diagnostics. The display also lets you control hand grip heating (option) and activate the ATC system, fitted as standard on both models.

The new Stelvios are available in Guzzi Black, Moon White and Sienna colour schemes, while the NTX will flaunt a brand new colour concept on a black satin finish base (Lava Black).

2011 Moto Guzzi Stelvio 1200 8V Specifications and Photos

2011 Moto Guzzi Stelvio 1200 8V NTX Specifications and Photos

via Moto Guzzi

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