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The Vyrus 986 M2 Factory is a new bikethat the Italian based company presented at the Motor Bike Expo, an interpretation of a  Moto2 machine according to Vyrus. 135 kg for 136 hp, lightness and rideability, power and control, the ingredients of the most innovative motorcycle ever produced. Many are technological solutions that give it it’s very own special character; hydraulic steering, upside down “Omega” frame, double link front and rear suspension, monocoque structural bodywork, or low pressure aerodynamic cooling.

The Vyrus 986 M2 Factory

The Vyrus 986 M2 Factory

The steering is controlled by a double action piston (VSS Vyrus Steering System) housed behind the steering head which transmits the movement to a hydraulic ram (with balanced movement on both sides) placed under the front swingarm. The movement is precise and can be damped by the system by simply reducing the cross sectional area of the oil flow as in a conventional steering damper. The hub center steering, that has distinguished Vyrus bikes for over a decade, works perfectly in this new bike.

The frame is made of two “Omega” arms milled from solid billet Ergal (aeronautical aluminum alloy). These two spars are bolted to the engine and hold both front and rear swingarms as well as the suspension mounting points. This is the key element of the vehicle. The foot pegs, radiators and funnel, bodywork and engine are all attached to this inverted “Omega” frame.

The suspension is made up of two symmetrical push rods on each side of the swingarms that push two balancer compressing both the shock absorber. This gives a very compact and light system. The push rods and  rockers can both be change very easily allowing the suspension to be setup and “tailored” to a riders demands very quickly. This mechanism distributes the forces equally and symmetrically, reducing the torsional forces present in other motorcycle swingarms, the weight and size of these are therefore significantly  reduced. The shock absorbers are specifically built pneumatic Double System units, built entirely from aluminum,  that are adjustable for both high and low speed compression and rebound damping. More traditional Ohlins shocks are also available.

Click on the image for more pictures

Click on the image for more pictures

The aerodynamics have been studied extensively in complex simulations with fluid dynamic software and will see the use of hours in the wind tunnel to optimize the shapes.  The aim of achieving a high coefficient of penetration to improve straight-line speed was achieved without compromising the handling of the vehicle in fast and sudden changes of direction at high velocity. The shape of the front is very pointed, both the top fairing and the lower fairing, incorporated in the tank, reduce the turbulences at high speeds. In addition, the cooling system uses radiators placed in a “V” position under the motor that benefit from the faster (therefore lower pressure) external flow to extract more and more hot air from them as the speed increases, thanks to two aerodynamic pockets that can be trimmed depending on the circuit.

The exhaust system, that uses a traditional 4 into 2 into 1 configuration, ends with a twin nozzle silencer integrated in a mudguard placed under the seat just behind the motor. It is very well protected and does not hinder the rear suspension and represents an innovation in the exhaust pipe world that has not seen new ground breaking solutions from some time. The tubes can be traditional steel or titanium, the silencer has steel internals with a carbon fiber outer.

The wheels are high quality forged aluminum or magnesium alloy Marchesini racing items. They are refined, elegant and super light.

The brakes are Brembos and vary depending on the version of 986. For the racing version we use the famous GP4-RR calipers, that are used on MotoGP bikes, that bite 310mm T-Drive brake disks. At the rear there is a GP-R34 caliper and 220mm disk.

2011 Vyrus 986 M2 Factory Specifications and Photos

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