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FGR 2500 V6: 2442cc, 240hp, more than 200 Nm of torque. Forget the Germans, Japanese and Italians. It’s Czech. For real. Czech-based 125cc MotoGP team and bike manufacturer FGR introduced one hell of a bike. The FGR 2500 V6 is equipped with a 2442cc 90-degree V6 that produces 240hp and more than 200 Nm of torque. Estimated mileage is 12-16 km/l (6-8 l/100 km). With its 270 kg total weight, the FGR is relatively light, thanks to its carbon-fibre seat unit and a fuel tank of the same material, while the chassis is a straightforward trellis-stye design.

Click on the image for more pictures

Click on the image for more pictures

„The idea to produce a motorcycle with the greatest cylindre volume all over the world began by Miroslav Felgr in 2004. The following year the same designer began working on the complicated design as on our first motorcycle FGR 125 GP, i.e. Mr. Oldřich Kreuz. In the year 2007 the motor was produced and on the 25. of the February 2008 it was festively presented in the firm FPOS-Kovovýroba in which it was produced, too.

At the presentation of the motorcycle the representant of the Ministery of Industry and Commerce could not be absent; the Ministery contributed us with a sume for the development and the production. The interested people could see the motor in the exhibition MOTOCYKL 2008; they were interested in this project very much. In the end of 2008 the first circle of the competition of designers was held. The firm chose the 11 best proposals from 45 for the second circle with the date of finishing end of February 2009.

The FGR 2500 V6 features agressive design

The FGR 2500 V6 features agressive design

Stanislav Hanuš was the winner, Ladislav Škoda was the second, Petr Vaňek was the third one. These three competitors were financial praised. In this year 2009 the frame, the pivoted fork and further componets were produced and in the same time continued the works on the design. In 2010 the testing of the prototype of the motorcycle FGR 2500V6 will continue. „ – says the press release.

2011 Moto FGR 2500 V6 Specifications and Photos

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