Posted by Andrew on October 27, 2010

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The market of compact electric motorcycles is growing fast. The newest member of this segment is the Volta EC-1, a small two-wheeler designed for environmental city riding. The bike features an agressive design and uses one electric engine. The EV-1 will be available in two versions: the smaller one delivers 11 kW (15hp), while the bigger one provides 30hp. The company didn’t release the specifications, but they say the bike has a range of 70km (43 miles) and the recharge is possible with a 220V household socket.

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Click on the image for more pictures

The EV-1 has a lockable storage area big enough for a full face helmet where the fuel tank normally resides on a normal motorcycle. The bike features a pillion seat and foorpegs for a passenger. Volta claims the running costs are very low, 50 Euro cents (69 U.S. cents) for 100 km (62 miles). This looks economical but is the 70 km range enough for urban commuting? The EV-1 will be launched for the Europen market in December this year.

The Volta EV-1

2011 Volta EV-1 Specifications and Photos

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