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The 2015 Harley-Davidson Fat Bob is a look back at bikes that were riding the salts of Bonneville in Utah. The old bikes used an engine that is still in production, and that engine straddles the undercarriage of the bike. You will see modern and vintage style living together in this new bike from Harley-Davidson.

2015 Harley-Davidson FXDF FatBob

2015 Harley-Davidson FXDF FatBob

Frame And Style

The frame on the Fat Bob is minimalistic in its design. There is not much holding the bike back from reaching its top speed. The frame on the bike gives you a clear view of the engine, and there is a nice view of the frame reaching out to the front wheel.

The frame on the bike makes Fat Bob not as fat as you think. The bike is much easier to ride with its light construction, and you will be able weave in and out of traffic easily. The Fat Bob is agile, but it will put the power down with this tough frame and style. You are looking at something that is completely modern while also harkening back to the days of Bonneville in the 70s.

Dyna frame, 103 cubic inch V-Twin

Dyna frame, 103 cubic inch V-Twin

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The engine appears to be just like the engine that was used in the bikes in the 70s, but it has been upgraded to be more efficient than the bikes of the 70s. You will hear the same amazing sound that you would have heard in the 70s, but that sound is coming from a brand new bike. The Fat Bob is today is a more reliable bike, with better construction and a more efficient engine.


The 865 cc engine has four valves per cylinder, but the stroke on the engine is very short. You get the deep bellow of the engine, but you get short strokes that make the engine sound even more alive than normal. This sound is classic Harley-Davidson, and you will be able to relive the glory days without going out to buy a bike that is over 40 years old.

The Fat Bob is surprisingly nimble

The Fat Bob is surprisingly nimble


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The brake design on the Fat Bob is like the design from the 70s, but these brakes are much stronger. You can use the Fat Bob in tight city riding when you need to weave in and out of traffic, or you can low down to an emergency stop in a short distance when you are riding on the open road. The Fat Bob gives you more power, but you get better control over that power with the brakes.


The Harley-Davidson Fat Bob of 2015 is a great new bike that provides you with riding pleasure that was thought lost in the 70s with the old Bonneville Triumph. You can ride a bike that reminds you of your first days on a Harley, or you can ride a bike that will take you everywhere you want to go. The Harley you ride should be your portal to your job, your hobbies and back home again.

The Fat Bob is cheaper than last year but it's still a bit overpriced

The Fat Bob is cheaper than last year but it’s still a bit overpriced

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