Posted by Andrew on February 3, 2011

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Want to find cool places to ride? Want to discover new roads? Want to share your favourite motorcycle tour with your friends? Download the Mbike iPhone application now for free! What you’ll find: a simple, easy-to-use app where you pick your starting point and destination and follow a bike friendly route. You can use somebody else’s tour as a guide (we have hundreds of motorcycle tours only in the U.S.), or you can draw your own tour at home on your desktop by uploading a GPS file.

Try our motorcycle app for iPhone for free!

Try our motorcycle app for iPhone for free!

You can also give the scenery, the traffic, the difficulty level and lots of other details. You can insert photos from your last tour. You can also share your favourite route via Facebook or email. The Mbike iPhone app (Motorcycle Tours by is free until 14th of February (Valentine’s day), so don’t hesitate, try it now!


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