Posted by Andrew on February 4, 2011

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The Agility Saietta, revealed at the MCN London Motorcycle Show, is a stylish zero-emission all-electric sports bike. The motorcycle’s name might sound Italian, but the Saietta was designed in the UK by a firm called Agility Global. The bike weighs 500lbs and features a 169hp electric motor. There will be a base version which weighs 400lbs and has a 135hp-motor. Both versions have an air-cooled DC Agni motor which participated in last year’s Isle of Man TT.

Click on the image for more pictures

Click on the image for more pictures

The stronger „R” version has a range of 100 miles and is capable of reaching 60mph in 4 seconds. This one carries a price tag of £13,975 ($22,540).The base version (called the „S”) is the lesser of the beasts with 50 miles range and a price tag of £9,975 ($16,090).

„When combined with wide bars, high eye-line, low centre of gravity and extreme wheel control, the result is a dramatically capable man-machine synergy. Bold yet understated, edgy yet accessible, Saietta confidently exploits advanced technology and cutting edge engineering to epitomise Agility’s vision of a reality where sustainable transport is exciting, empowering and radically effective. Agility Global Ltd. is a vehicle design and manufacturing company specialising in zero-emissions transportation solutions.” – says the company.

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