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After three years of hiatus, the Japanese brand has finally bought us the successor of the popular W650 classic bike. The newbie, called the W800 is set to take on Triumph’s Bonneville range. The W800 features a vertical twin engine, large diameter wheels, traditional instrumentation, and lots of metal – plastic was eshewed in favour of metal as much as possible. The W800 uses a lightweight double-crade frame, telescopic fork at the front and dual shock absorbers with adjustable preload. This combination offers a smooth ride and clean look.

Click on the image for more pictures

Click on the image for more pictures

Key features:

- Vertical parallel twin engine with a lot of character
- Loads of feel-good pulse from the 773 cm3 fuel injected engine
- Unique pulse from 360° crankshaft
- Maximum torque at 2.000 rpm
- Strong low-mid range torque enhances unhurried pleasure of a classic ride
- Well-balanced, authentic style chassis
- Fine balance of relaxed, light turning and straight-line stability
- Characteristic unhurried steering feeling from the 19” front wheel and 18” rear wheel
- Beautiful appearance and meticulously sculpted forms
- Visual impact from air-cooled vertical twin engine with iconic bevel-gear driven-cam
- Meticulous attention to detail
- Metal parts used in favour of plastic throughout
- Deep chrome and buffed engine covers add to high-quality finish
- Even small parts are formed of blacked-out aluminium
- Corrosion-resistant parts ensure lasting beauty

Kawasaki W800 official video

2011 Kawasaki W800 Specifications and Photos

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