Posted by Andrew on June 1, 2010

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Brembo have created a new motorcycle jacket which contains airbag. The italians recommend the jacket for daily use by commuters and mainly for those who also want to appear fashionable and stylish. Called the Life Jacket, this special clothing features an airbag system that deploys in 80 milliseconds when the rider is suddenly separated from his/her motorcycle. The jacket is attached with a connection cable to the motorcycle, which enables the fast response. The inertial reel prevents accidental activation when the airbag is not subjected to a high acceleration. This allows the rider to get up from the motorcycle without the jacket inflating by mistake. The airbag is made from nylon and teflon and inflates in front of and behind the riders chest and was developed in conjunction with the University of Florence which deals specifically with innovation and safety of two-wheeled vehicles.

Brembo Motorcycle Jacket with Airbag

The Life Jacket will be available in three different models for men and two for women in six colours. Prices will be between 390 and 590 euros.

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