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Italian manufacturer Gilera has released new high-res images of its 2011 Runner line-up. The Runner ST 125 and ST 200 are powered by liquid cooled, four valve, four-stroke engines, while the sporty 50cc versions are powered by HI Per 2 two-stroke engines with carburettor (Runner SP) or fuel injection (Runner PJ): three different engine capacities in four brilliantly-designed engines, all of which are liquid cooled.

2011 Gilera Runner ST 125

2011 Gilera Runner ST 125

Runner SP and PJ: Seen from the side the Runner SP and PJ are characterised by a streamlined design that flows through the vehicle to exalt a contrasting distribution of the volumes, with an even more aggressive look for the side panels and leg shield. The design of the instrumentation, an analog/digital combination, is also a fine example of the Runner’s sporting spirit. The instrumentation is backlit red and has completely new graphics, with a LCD that displays the speedometer, odometer, trip counter, petrol level, radiator temperature and clock.

Runner ST: The Runner ST is characterised by a series of details that combine the sporting image of the Runner range with a distinct elegance and sobriety thanks to the new colours and styles: the front side panels are painted to match the rest of the bodywork, the plastic parts of the lower fairing are black like the passenger foot pegs, while the lateral side panels are pigmented black. The side panels under the rear of the Runner ST, are the same colour as the rest of the vehicle. The black painted luggage rack plate, is ready to take the top box, and integrates with the same and the pillion handles.

2011 Gilera Runner Pure Jet 50

2011 Gilera Runner Pure Jet 50

The engines: The supersports Gilera comes with four different engines – 50, 50 Pure Jet, 125 and 200 cc. The Runner ST 200 is powered by a 200 cc, 4-stroke, liquid cooled 4-valve engine. Producing 19hp at the crank and 17 Nm of torque, the Runner ST 200 is sure to thrill sports riders and it can also be used on motorways and ring roads, making it a brilliant solution to the problems of mobility in the modern metropolitan environment, in full respect of the environment. The ST 125, the “medium-sized” version of the Runner has a 125 cc, 4-stroke, 4-valve, liquid cooled engine, which produces 14.5 HP. The Hi-Per2 Pro PureJet engine on the electronic injection version of he Runner, is a real point of reference for the category. The PureJet system maximizes performance, while guaranteeing low fuel consumption and reduced emissions. Also the HiPer2 Pro version fitted with a carburettor, in the 50cc class, guarantees the Runner its position of leader in terms of performance for scooters with carburettors. Both the versions have Snakebite reverse silencers.  This exhaust system exalts the performance of the brilliant 2-stroke engine and guarantees full respect of Euro2 regulations, thanks also to the two-stage catalytic converter.

Accessories: The intrinsic functionality and safety of the Runner can be improved even further with the rich range of accessories, which gives you the chance to add your own personal custom touch to the new Gilera supersports: oversize windshield, electronic alarm, mechanical antitheft device, dedicated full-face helmet, rear 28-litre top box, luggage rack (only for SP and PJ versions).

2011 Gilera Runner SP 50 Specifications and Photos

2011 Gilera Runner PJ 50 Specifications and Photos

2011 Gilera Runner ST 125 Specifications and Photos

2011 Gilera Runner ST 200 Specifications

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