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After much waiting, the Motus MST has finally arrived. The touring machine is powered by the KMV4 “baby block” engine, a gasoline direct injected, 90 degree V4. The OHV engine delivers 161 hp at 7,800 rpm and 122 lb.-ft. at 4,500 rpm, while the redline is at 8,000 rpm. The bike tips the scales around 500 lbs dry. There will be a more upmarket version called the MST-R which will feature Brembo brakes, Öhlins suspension parts and Marchesini wheels.

Click on the image for more pictures

Click on the image for more pictures

“There is just no better way to make sure the MST’s meet our standards of durability, comfort, and performance than to personally ride the machines and iterate them as we identify issues. We decided early on that no corners would be cut with the MST series. Motus is about precision, quality and attention to detail rather than speed to production. We are more focused on building great bikes than rushing to meet artificial deadlines,” said Case. “Rather than hype the brand with computer renderings of a bike we hadn’t even built yet, we engineered the bikes to be functional and actually work first, and then show the world what we have done so far.” - said Brian Case, vice president and director of design.

America's first sports tourer

America's first sports tourer

The bike will make its official debut later this year most likely as a 2012 model. Price has yet to be revealed.

2011 Motus MST Specifications and Photos

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