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The original Schwalbe was a popular motorcycle in East Europe during the cold war. The bike, codenamed KR51 was manufactured between 1962 and 1989 by German brand Simson. Now, The „Schwalbe“ – literally translated „swallow“, the bird – will be back soon on Germany´s roads. In spring 2011 the efw-suhl GmbH re-launches the e-Schwalbe, a new product, which integrates the classic design of the former “Schwalbe” with a high performing electric drive concept.

The new eSchwalbe

The new eSchwalbe

Modern battery technique guarantees a good cruising range. Differentiating detail here is a detachable battery: especially when electric outlets are not available as for example in the streets, the battery can be taken into the shops in order to be recharged – and hence, this is literally possible with every electric outlet. The classes of the vehicle will be available: 25 km/h, 45 km/h as well as 80 km/h. According to the class and desired range, also different battery configurations are possible. This is why a cruising range of over 200 kilometers can be reached.

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