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May 28, 2010

Suzuki Gladius brings a Supermoto feel

Suzuki introduced the 650 cc Gladius, a very good starters bike back in 2009. The guys at canadian firm GPDesigns thought, the SFV650 Gladius is not exciting enough, so they made a Supermoto version, which looks very sporty and agressive. Read the full article »

May 28, 2010

Video: This is how the Suzuki GSX-R1000 is born

Suzuki posted a video showing how today’s GSX-R1000 is born at the Hamamatsu plant in Japan. The attached video takes us through the most important fabrication processes. Read the full article »

May 28, 2010

Video: 85-foot world record front-flip

Jackson Strong, a young australian stunt has set a new world record by succesfully landing an 85-foot frontflip. Strong jumped in front of a 6000-strong crowd in Cairns, Australia. Read the full article »

May 27, 2010

Kawasaki introduced 2011 offroad models headlined by new KX250F

The japanese announced some early release 2011 models, and the most interesting is the strongly revised KX250F. The 250 cc machine has some significant upgrades for this year, but the Kawasaki engineers scrutinized every system and component of the race-winning 2010 KX450F, too. Read the full article »

May 26, 2010

Motorcycle soccer – a game of two halves and two wheels

Motorcycle soccer - one of the weirdest sports on this planet. These guys in Bhopal, India love their bikes and soccer and combined the two activities. Read the full article »

May 26, 2010

125 cc of fun – Honda announced 2011 PCX scooter

The all-new Honda PCX scooter combines sportbike-inspired styling and great fuel economy into the package that makes riding fun. The mid-sized scooter bridges the gap between the 108 cc Elite and the 153 cc SH150i and will be available in two colours, white or red. Read the full article »

May 26, 2010

Less sport, more comfort – Triumph Sprint GT 2011

The british marque introduced the less sporty version of the Sprint ST 1050. The bike didn’t loose all of his DNA sport bike, but it became more practical for long tours, meanwhile the three-cylinder engine gained a couple of extra horses, too. Read the full article »

May 25, 2010

Nostalgia: Freddie “fast” Spencer explains motorcycling racing

Nostalgia: Two times 500cc world champion Freddie "fast" Spencer gets into the technical aspects of motorcycle racing in the three-part documentary from the eighties. Read the full article »

May 25, 2010

Aprilia celebrates SBK-win with the RSV4 Max Biaggi Replica

With two wins on the weekend’s SBK championship in Monza, Aprilia couldn’t have picked a better time to unveil the RSV4 Max Biaggi Replica. The 200 hp-machine conceived and developed by Aprilia Racing, so it’s no surprise, that the bike is destined for the racing track. Read the full article »

May 23, 2010

The new Piaggio Beverly 300 scooter has arrived

The new Piaggio Beverly 300 city scooter has arrived. The scooter has a new design for 2010, LED daytime running and chrome features. The Beverly 300 has enough power and comfort for short and mid-range touring and consumes less energy thanks to the new electronic cooling system. Read the full article »