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The TuNero custom motorcycle was built onto the 33 limited editions “WHC Grand Prix Frames” in 2007 by Walz Hardcore Cycles in cooperation with Custom Chrome Europe. The bike features a 96ci RevTech motor with a 6 gear transmission, coated completely in black. The primary transmission is one of the newest WHC component that can be purchased by end users. The valve cover and the camshaft cover of the nearly 1,800ccm large engine are made from the same high quality carbon as the motor covering of the Ferrari customized by Novitec Rosso.

Click on the image for more pictures

Click on the image for more pictures

Rims will be created in the Novitec-Rosso style especially for this project; 3.5“ x 18“ in the front and 11“ x 18“ in the rear, placed on a 130/60-18 Metzeler on the front and a 280/35-18 Metzeler in the rear. The steel rear fender will be provided with the typical Ferrari “gills” in order to underscore the Modena style racer.

Both vehicles receive their “final touch” with “pinstripes” and “lettering” from of the most well known.

2007 Walz Hardcore Cycles TuNero Specifications and Photos

via Walz Hardcore Cycles

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