Posted by Andrew on December 15, 2010

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The Cagiva Raptor 125 is one of those 125cc street legal sportsbikes which are so popular among European young riders. The new 125 Raptor owes its name to the introduction of design concepts derived from its bigger sisters, like the front headlamp, the new redesigned passenger seat, and the V-Raptor’s handlebars. New is also the front fender characterized by a smoother profile and the license plate holder derived from the X-Raptor.

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Click on the image for more pictures

Technically, the 125 Raptor receives a new exhaust system having an extractable silencer and a new linkage for the rear suspension that gives a weight distribution more concentrated to the front end. Aesthetically, the 125 Raptor differentiates itself from the previous Planet by the following improvements: new front fender, seat, handlebar, handle grips, instrumentation support, license plate holder, new frame coloured black, wheels coloured black, fuel tank protection coloured black, Raptor and celtic logos.

2010 Cagiva Raptor 125 Specifications and Photos

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