Winterberg daytrip

122 miles
1 day

Nice day of riding around Winterberg

Some pretty spectacular roads and views.

Driving time: Between 5 and 8 hours
Driving skills: Basic Basic
Scenery: Lakes, Forest, Mountain, Rural, River
Road conditions: Average Average

Bad Berleburg Bad Wildungen Winterberg

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Day 1  122.1 miles

Bad Berleburg Bad Wildungen Winterberg

Lakes Forest Mountain Rural River

Road conditions: AverageTraffic: AverageTerrain: MountainousDriving skills: Basic

Start and finish are at the Bobhaus in Winterberg, just outside the town.

This is a tour we did for a nice relaxed day of riding bends and curves... we started 10 am or so and arrived back in the afternoon at 16-17h or so. We had a coffee in Herzhausen where we reached the Edersee, and a good lunch in Bad Wildungen. We did stop a few more times just to enjoy the views and so on... there's some amazing scenery along the way.

One stretch had a bad road surface, the L721 (points 4-10), but was an amazing ride. The part north of the Edersee lake has fantastic road surface. The rest is generally very good.

I wouldn't say one needs special riding skills for this trip.

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