Plan your next motorcycle ride with our terrific tour planner. You can transfer your previous tours to by uploading the archived GPS log.

Mbike tour planner screenshot

  • Travelog

    Write a detailed story about your tour. Give the scenery, the traffics, the difficulty level and a lot of other details. Insert photos from your albums or from any other webpage. Our WYSIWYG editor makes it easy for everyone.

  • Route

    There are 4 ways to create your route: upload a GPS log file, draw the route by placing waypoints with the mouse, calculate driving directions between two addresses or use somebody else’s tour as a guide.

    Mbike tour planner screenshot

  • Autoroute

    Just place waypoints with the mouse, they will follow the road. Marked with blue line.

  • Offroad route type

    For those who love nature and have some kind of enduro or ATW. This route type can be drawn freely. Marked with orange line.

  • Transport route type

    If your motorcycle is transported, use this route type to show the motorcycle didn’t roll its own wheels. For example: transported in a trailer, plane or shuttle. Marked with green line.

  • Section Markers

    Section MarkerPlace section markers on the route. Later you can refer to them in the travelog. The travelog will display a small map centered to the section marker.

  • Event Markers

    Event MarkerMark events which has happened to you during the tour. Either you have had a lunch or found great curves.

  • Height map

    Our height map shows the altitude of your route, so you will know if there is a hilly terrain or a fast section where you are rollin’.

    Heightmap screenshot

  • Embed map into your webpage

    Insert the published tour into a webpage. This is an interactive map with markers, panning and zooming.

  • Google Maps

    Our fascinating tour planner uses Google Maps.

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