Tons of motorcycle specifications. We are uploading the newest bikes regularly with accurate details and photos from the manufacturer first-hand. We are trying to upload also older models. We are repairing and extending the database on a permanent basis with the help of our community – even with your.

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  • Nice URLs

    We are using simple URLs. For every datasheet, Mbike.com is followed by the name of the manufacturer and the name of the model. If you skip the year, you will be redirected to the newest model. For example:

  • Multilingual specs

    Bike specifications are shown in the language of your browser. You are free to change it after registration. The list of the available languages is continuously increasing.

  • Place datasheets on your website

    You can place any bike datasheet on your personal website. The appearance can be customized: you can choose the image size, the language of data fields and the measurement system. If you are an advanced user, you can use your own CSS stylesheet.

  • Community

    If you find a mistake on a bike's datasheet, you can report them directly to us. You can extend our database with new models using our Google Forms datasheet editor. Your name will be credited on all submitted contents.

  • Measurement Systems

    Choose between metric and imperial units. We set defaults automatically based on your location.

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